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Kubota Bor-Tex DASHBOARD Set

Kubota Bor-Tex DASHBOARD Set

By Kubota Image Tools


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In familiar DASHBOARD fashion, you can enhance your images using a collection of 100 radiant, gorgeous textures, along with over 125 of our favorite borders! Apply these easy-to-use steps to any of your images to finish them with flair and wow your clients. These creative tools are the perfect complement to your Kubota image enhancements in the Kubota Action DASHBOARD and will operate at the high quality standard you have come to expect from Kubota Image Tools.


Kubota Texture Tools Earth Photoshop Action Pak product box shot
Kubota Texture Tools Earth
50 of the most stunning textures we've ever seen in our "Earth" collection, they will bring depth and subtlety to set your images apart from the pack.
($149 a la carte)
Kubota Texture Tools Industrial Photoshop Action Pak product box shot
Kubota Texture Tools Industrial
50 striking textures from our "Industrial" collection give you the ability to add an element of techno-industrial action to your images that will really make them SNAP!
($149 a la carte)


Kubota Sloppy Borders Photoshop Frames Action Pak product box shot
Kubota Sloppy Borders
From elegant thin borders, to eye-catching medium borders, to heavy borders for a bold statement, this pak adds the finishing touch to your tweaks with over 125 to choose from.
($149 a la carte)


All of our borders and textures run exclusively through our acclaimed Bor-Tex DASHBOARD 4 Pro for Photoshop designed just for them! It includes a preview window for each border or texture, it and boasts similar operating functions to those you love in our Action DASHBOARD. With the Bor-Tex DASHBOARD, you can rotate and re-size your borders and texture, adjust saturation, hue, opacity and more! And just like the Action DASHBOARD, it allows for keyword tagging, favorite marking, adding descriptions, and categorization of your border and texture actions. Our effects are fast, easy, and customizable so you can quickly edit and beautify your images in Photoshop.

The Kubota DASHBOARD 4 Pro includes the Action, AutoAlbum, and Bor-Tex DASHBOARDs now all in one slick panel. It is available for free and comes with almost 50 free actions and allows you to import and manage your own actions as well. Also included is a new feature to try any Kubota action that you do not own on your images at any time. Learn more!


PC: Windows XP or higher; Adobe Photoshop CS5 or higher, Kubota Bor-Tex DASHBOARD 4 Pro*, reliable Internet connection**

Mac: OS X 10.5 or higher; Adobe Photoshop CS5 or higher, Kubota Bor-Tex DASHBOARD 4 Pro*, reliable Internet connection**

*The Kubota DASHBOARD is a free Photoshop extension. A link to download it will be provided with your order.
**Internet access is necessary for your initial login. You will remain logged in until you logout.


Product includes 100 texture actions and 132 border actions run exclusively through the Kubota Bor-Tex DASHBOARD 4 Pro for Photoshop. These effects are not sold as ATN files. As with all Kubota effects, when applied, they maintain full Photoshop layers for user adjustment, flexibility and customization. In addition, there are no duplicate effects throughout our Photoshop paks. Each pak is it's own unique set containing a variety of enhancements not limited to one genre.

Upon completion of your order, you will be automatically granted access in your Kubota DASHBOARD account to the borders and textures in this set; and you will receive an email with a download link for the Kubota DASHBOARD 4 Pro that includes the Action, AutoAlbum, and Bor-Tex DASHBOARDs now all in one slick panel.

If you have already downloaded and installed the Kubota 3-in-1 DASHBOARD, it is not necessary to do so again. To access your new borders and textures, login to your DASHBOARD and click on the Bor-Tex tab, or if you are already logged in, you can go to your options drop-down menu in the upper right corner and select 'Check for Purchases.'

If you need to install the Kubota 3-in-1 DASHBOARD, please click on the link to download it and follow closely the installation instructions. Once you login, you will have access to all of these borders and textures in the Bor-Tex DASHBOARD, plus the 50 free Essential Tools actions in the Action DASHBOARD; along with any other Kubota actions, borders, textures, and templates you may own. In addition, you can try all Kubota actions, borders, and textures you do not own.


This product is included in the following set:

Kubota Complete Photoshop Set - Photography Actions, Borders, Textures and Templates Savings Set image
Kubota Complete Photoshop Set
Includes all of our Kubota DASHBOARD products with about 375 actions, 100 textures, over 125 borders, and 500 album layout templates!
$1,982 $1,559
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