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DASHBOARD 4 - Photoshop CS5 - CC
DASHBOARD 5 - Photoshop CC 2017

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Sign-up now and get a 14 day free trial. Your first payment will be automatically charged after 14 days.

Current DASHBOARD Users: Please note that it could take up to one business hour to process your subscription and connect it to your account. Your DASHBOARD will not be accessible until your subscription has been synced, but we will do our best to consolidate it as soon as possible. If a subscription is started after business hours, it will be activated first thing the following business day.


The Kubota DASHBOARD gives you the ability to try any Kubota Market Photoshop effect on your own image before you buy. It also allows you to search and organize your Photoshop effects by applying keywords, save favorites, and paint in effects. It works with ANY action you own, as well as with borders, textures, and templates purchased through Kubota Market. It's super easy to use and we're here to help if you need us.

Faster + Easier + More Beautiful + Free = Happy!



The DASHBOARD 4 works with Photoshop CS5, CS5.1, CS6, and CC. Kubota DASHBOARD 5 Beta version is now available and is compatible with the latest version of Photoshop, CC 2017. More info can be found HERE.


Kubota DASHBOARD products can be purchased solely from Kubota Market. Kubota Market is a Mecca of photo-enhancing tools; including Photoshop actions, borders, textures, and layout templates. With Kubota Market and the Kubota DASHBOARD, you are able to try, buy, and create beautiful images, videos, and designs. Purchase effects individually or in a money saving bundle.


Current Kubota DASHBOARD users will need to subscribe for continued use of their DASHBOARD. If you'd rather not subscribe, please contact us to request us to send you the Kubota actions, borders, textures, and/or templates that you have purchased to access them outside of the Kubota DASHBOARD. Please be sure to provide the email address that was used to make your purchases.


1. Click link below:

2. Log in to your subscription account

3. Click on Billing Information icon, update your credit card, and delete the old card