Kubota Secret Italy Workshop

Kubota Secret Italy Workshop

By Kubota Image Tools

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It's truly difficult to convey in words – or even pictures – how wonderful Italy is. If you've been there before then you probably understand; if you haven't visited yet, you're in for a life-changing treat. This will be our sixth Secret Italy Workshop and we're just as excited as ever!

This year we will be touring the Piemonte region of Northern Italy. Attendees will fly into Milan and spend two nights in Torino exploring its unique city center before traveling to Monferrato. Monferrato is famous for its rolling hills, delicious white truffles, numerous medieval and renaissance castles, and breathtaking panoramas. Each day of the workshop will include trips to wonderful attractions such as castles in the region, production facilities for local products, and more. The local guides will lead the group to some of the most picturesque locations of the famed region, and along the way Kevin will help each participant with different aspects of their photography, from capture to workflow techniques.

Keep in mind, Italian villages are often built on hills and the seaside villages are on the side of the cliffs, so you'll get the most out of the trip if you're prepared for a decent amount of exploring by foot. Start some regular walking now!

We do not have our hotels selected at this point, but rest assured our guides are going to select wonderful places for us to stay. They have never let us down in the past and we are always amazed when we see the accommodations!


To attend this workshop you must enjoy visiting some of the most beautiful locations in the world, love eating delicious Italian food alongside an equally delectable glass of wine, and enjoy being in the company of other creative people all while being visually inspired.


Our days will be structured around site seeing and photographing. Kevin will be giving daily instruction, reviews and photo assignments to help inspire you and hopefully get you to shoot differently than you do at home. Kevin will also be holding a one to two hour workflow/Photoshop class on most days. Having a laptop is essential for these lessons if you want to do some hands-on work. We will always be available for any questions you may have regarding business, marketing, camera features, workflow, etc.

Here is a quote from Kevin Kubota in a recent interview:

"Clare and I have been photographing Italy for many years now, so for this sixth year of our Secret Italy workshop we really wanted to provide a fantastic adventure for attendees and their guests. For anyone that loves photography there is no place like Italy to invigorate their creative drive. Plus, it's so fun to see those that didn't necessarily come to participate in the photographic experience get excited to shoot away with their point and shoot cameras."


This workshop is limited to 20 workshop attendees. Since many attendees bring someone along to share in the adventure, we can accept up to 40 people total.


Price includes all lodging, all in-country transportation and most meals with wine. Please note that all attendees are responsible for their own airfare to Italy. We will generally have two meals together as a group daily so you can enjoy each other's company as well as experience true local cuisine. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy all that Italy has to offer.

A retainer fee is required to hold each person's spot whether you are a workshop attendee or the guest of an attendee. If you'd like to be set up with a payment plan, please let us know and we can put one in place for you. The workshop price is based on double occupancy. Private rooms are available at an additional cost.


Attendees are encouraged to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with a guest and can bring a partner to join them on all but the classroom portions of the workshop. Many attendees bring a friend, spouse or other family members. There's a lot for everyone to see and enjoy, even if you're not a photographer. It's always fun to see the "non" photographers getting caught up in the joy of taking photographs throughout the week. In past workshops we've included cooking classes, visits to wineries, underground cities, and other unique tours. We all explore together, so our non-photographer guests will enjoy everything with us. The only part of the workshop reserved for attendees and not their guests will be the one to two hour class sessions each morning or evening. Most spouses are happy to sleep in or relax with a cappuccino.



"The Secret Italy trip was fantastic! The convenience of having everything planned out for us, from each stop along our way that offered incredible photo ops, all the way down to the wonderful Italian dinners we shared together. All we had to do was show up! My wife, who is not a photographer, had an awesome time as well. We made many friends and continue to stay in touch. A big thanks to Kevin, Clare, Max and Crisiana for their planning and hospitality. I would do it again in a heartbeat." – Shane Rodimel

"Where do I begin? I loved the entire trip throughout Italy with Kevin, Clare, Max and Crisiana. They knew what photographers would be interested in seeing. Best of all, there was no one saying 'why do you have to take so many pictures where ever we go?' It was great to be with so many people with exactly the same interests as me. There was a wonderful variety of places to photograph. There were endless photo ops whether you like photographing people, landscape, close-ups, architecture, or food. And there was endless food as well. The accommodations were beautiful and spacious. Max and Crisiana are so warm and knowledgeable about the history and culture of the various towns we visited. I loved their home town of Stroncone the best. I hope to go to Italy again with Kevin and Clare's tour some day." – Marilyn Hunt