Sticky Filters Self Adhesive Flash Gels

Sticky Filters Self Adhesive Flash Gels



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Sticky Filters are made of a tough polyester material that is tear resistant and durable. They have a sticky surface (similar to post-it notes) and are reusable hundreds of times. Included in the set are 10 standard one-size-fits-most 2" x 3.25" gels in five different colors, two of each.

The key benefits over other colored gel options are:

  • Super fast to attach and remove
  • Use with most any portable flash system (we even use them on flashlights for photo lighting)
  • Reusable many, many times
  • Stackable for increased color density


  • Tungsten Bulb
  • .5 Tungsten Bulb
  • Cool Fluorescent
  • Unknown Fluorescent
  • Hazy / Open Shade (blue)

They are labeled with white balance icons just like the ones found in your digital camera. This makes camera settings more easily understood.

The amber colored Tungsten Bulb filter is calibrated to a standard screw-in type incandescent light bulb. It is also useful for any tungsten or tungsten halogen type source. The .5 version will still allow a pleasing "warm glow" effect of the existing tungsten light source.

The pale green colored Cool Fluorescent filter is calibrated to a standard 40 watt industrial type cool fluorescent tube.

The Unknown Fluorescent filter is for those times when you don't know what type of fluorescent lighting is used or when there is a mix of warm and cool fluorescent lighting. It is also used for other types of indoor industrial lighting such as mercury vapor lamps and some metal halide.

The pale blue colored Hazy / Open Shade filter is used outdoors on a cloudy day to warm up the cold looking background of images when using a fill flash. It is also useful for warming up the background of images shot in total shade when you have a blue cloudless sky. An example would be the shady side of a building under full sun. The idea here is that the scene is primarily illuminated by the blue sky, therefore you should make your flash blue also then pre-set your white balance to the scene and shoot away!


Includes 10 resuable gels (in five different colors, two of each) and a carrying case. Each gel is a standard one-size-fits-most at 2" x 3.25".

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Sticky Filters are long lasting, but if they should ever lose their stick, there is a low cost trade-in program available here.