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There's a fresh, new, educational program for photographers and I'm excited to be a host! SPTV.me is all the things photographers are looking for: live photographic education from the top names in the industry, an active online community of photographers and educators, unlimited access to all recorded content, and cutting edge shows that push past the boundaries of the recording studio.

Check out SPTV.me now; there is no commitment. See what's going on, who's involved, what's coming up. You'll probably get as excited as I am! There's even a sweet sampler deal where you can test the waters for only a $5 charitable donation – and we'll even match your $5 donation with a $5 credit to our Kubota Market store. You'll feel great, help others, and discover ways to boost your skills, creativity, and business savvy.

I'd love to get your feedback on the NEW SPTV.me site. There's a crazy cool lineup of speakers already on the schedule, templates, community, and pretty much everything you need to help you grow and succeed as a photographer. It's your chance to be one of the founding members and help us grow the way YOU want it to!

By the way, the 3 month deal is pretty awesome and includes FREE bonus goodies from all the hosts, sponsors, and SPTV!




SPTV.me starts its third season with a bang! We're gearing up for this to be the biggest SPTV.me ever, and the only thing missing is you!

At SPTV.me, photography is our only focus. We dive deeper, explore concepts more completely, and get to the heart of what matters to successful photographers of every skill range.

When you sign up for SPTV.me, you are given a front-row seat to classes with some of the best photography experts in the WORLD. SPTV.me provides unparalleled access to our team of hosts and guests, and a real insider's connection in the photography world.

SPTV.me is a FREE LIVE event, one that you're a part of--asking questions, giving opinions. Plus, you can access the show for a full 24 hours, FREE, before it goes into the archives.

In addition to having access to exclusive learning opportunities, forum members are able to watch archived classes, download free monthly templates and tutorials, and be a part of a community of people who love sharing constructive feedback.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today, and get access to early-membership benefits and exclusive content from previous seasons. Plus, you will be notified of upcoming broadcasts so you'll never miss a second of the top-quality photography training you crave!

SPTV.me. Learn from the pros. Be a pro.