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The Kubota Lighting Notebook App

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Kevin Kubota's Lighting Notebook app

The award-winning book, Kevin Kubota's Lighting Notebook: 101 Lighting Styles and Setups for Digital Photographers, has a companion in the Apple App Store!

Have you been enjoying the rich lighting content from your Lighting Notebook lately? Good! Now get yourself another incredibly helpful tool you can add to your collection: The Kubota Lighting Notebook app for iPhone and iPad!

The full version of the app combines the 101 scenarios from the book with intense functionality to help you search, sort, and organize each of the scenarios for the quickest reference to the information you need most. Not only can you search, mark favorites, and get specifics on lighting gear for each shoot, you can also watch any of the 101 video tutorials that go along with each scenario!

Fill up on even more lighting knowledge with the The Lighting Notebook app, and enjoy the added benefit of taking it on-the-go for reference wherever you may need it.



Kevin Kubota's Lighting Notebook app Grid View
Quickly and effectively browse all 101 scenarios.
Kevin Kubota's Lighting Notebook app Details View
Get in-depth detail about each setup, gear used, costs, and more.


Kevin Kubota's Lighting Notebook app Setup Movie
Watch video tutorials to see the live setup for each scenario.
Kevin Kubota's Lighting Notebook app Chapters
Read a little and brush up on some important lighting knowledge in the Chapters section.


Q: Where can I buy The Kubota Lighting Notebook app?
A: You can purchase the app through the iTunes App Store.

Q: What is the purpose of the the app?
A: This App is designed to be a field guide for the on-location photographer. Need lighting inspiration when you're on a shoot? Grab your iPhone or iPad and you've got all the inspiration and lighting tips you need!

Q: Does the the app have videos?
A: Yes! You will be able to stream videos on all the lighting scenarios from the actual photo shoots we've included in the app.

Q: Does Kevin Kubota offer workshops specifically geared toward lighting?
A: Kevin offers workshops that include lighting tips and there are plans to offer new workshops geared specifically toward lighting. If this is something you're interested in, contact us and we will get you more information.

Q: Does Kevin show the equipment he uses on his photo shoots?
A: Absolutely. No secrets here! We show all and tell all in this app.

Q: If I lose or replace my iPhone or iPad, can I get the the app again for free?
A: Yes. Every app you purchase is stored in your iTunes account and you will be able to re-download it. No worries!

Q: Do I have to buy Kevin's book in order to use the app to its fullest potential?
A: The app is an independent, stand-alone product filled with tons of helpful information by itself. At the same time, you will possess a more comprehensive set of tools and benefit from a wider range of accessible resources by having at your fingertips both of the Lighting Notebook products.

Q: How many scenarios are available
There are more than 100 lighting scenarios that come with the app.


The app is free on the Apple App Store and includes five lighting scenarios. The full-version upgrade with all 101 scenarios and five chapters of content is available for purchase in-app for $8.99.


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Kevin has used Photoflex products for 20 years and to this day continues to shoot with some of their gear he first purchased. Some of the staples of equipment Kevin has used on shoots for The Lighting Notebook include reflectors, softboxes, stands, carry cases, swivels, clamps, and a couple of their cost-effective lighting kits... just to name a few! The consistently outstanding quality is why Kevin chooses Photoflex and why he assuredly recommends them to other photographers.



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