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Kevin Kubota's Italian Dolomites Adventure Tour

Kevin Kubota's Italian Dolomites Adventure Tour

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While we have led tours in Italy for many years, this new one has us especially excited! The Italian Dolomites are a mountain range in northern Italy, just a bit north-west of Venice. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2009 as a landmark area of particular beauty and significance to the entire world. Up in these majestic mountains lay some of the most beautiful and heart-stopping views that you'll find anywhere in Italy.

This tour is designed for those looking for a little more activity, adventure, authenticity, and intimacy than riding on a crowded tour bus could provide.

  • Photography driven, but not a photography “workshop” per se.
  • An active adventure with lots of walking/hiking and option days to e-bike or relax.
  • A truly authentic and culturally enriched experience of the Italian Alps.
  • Wonderful hotels and delicious food & wine!
  • Led by Kevin & Clare Kubota and their professional Italian team, Ciao Adiamo. 

Our Tentative Itinerary
Note that we may fine tune this as our deposits come in and our group goals become more clear. The earlier we get deposits, the better hotel options we have. We guarantee it will be a great experience, regardless!

8 Nights - July 11th - 19th
Our group will meet the morning of the 12th in the hotel lobby to begin our adventure! Drop off will be mid day on the 19th.

Day 1: 12 JULY - Verona
( Try to arrive earlier in the day if possible, but later arrivals will be fine too )

Meet in Verona: Verona is a beautiful place to start our adventure! We’ll explore this beautiful city neighborhood, have lunch and visit a winery producing Amarone. We’ll spend the first night here.

Day 2: 13 JULY - Verona - Trento
After breakfast we’ll have a walking tour of Verona with our guide. You’ll be free to have lunch on your own. Then, we’ll travel to Trento and check in to our hotel where you’ll have free time to explore this new beautiful village before we have dinner.

Day 3: 14 JULY - Selva
After breakfast we’ll have a guided walking tour of Trento and Buon Consiglio Castle.
We’ll have Lunch and wine tasting in a winery where we’ll see where the famous sparkling wine comes from! After this fun experience, we’ll drive to our beautiful new destination, Selva di Gardena. The Selva area is in a breathtakingly beautiful valley at the base of the Italian Alps—well known for skiing, rock climbing, trekking, biking, woodcarving, and central to exploring in the surrounding valleys. We’ll check in to our cozy hotel and meet our local guide for a briefing that explains our next adventure days. Wonderful dinner at our hotel.

Day 4: 15 JULY - Selva
Begin day 1 trekking. After breakfast we’ll start hiking from Selva to Col Fosco. We’ll enjoy the wonderful views of the surrounding Sciliar-Catinaccio Nature Park to Puez Mountain. We’ll reach Col Prat, the famous viewpoint beneath the mighty Sassongher, here you’ll enjoy a nice lunch. Trek back to the gondola, and return to our hotel.

Day 5: 16 JULY - Selva
Day 2 trekking. After an incredible breakfast facing the stunning Dolomites, we’ll start our second day of hiking—the circumnavigation around Sassopiato and Sassolungo is a classic hike in the Dolomites with stunning natural beauty! This giant massif stands alone, giving you unimpeded, 360° views of the Sella and the Marmolada. It’s remarkable. We’ll have lunch in one of 2 mountain hut restaurants we’ll find along the way. After trekking, we’ll return to our hotel for dinner.

Day 6: 17 JULY - LaVilla
After another delicious breakfast, we’ll begin our trek to Selva, hiking through Passo Gardena, connecting to Badia Valley. The alpine world on the Passo Gardena is awesome: to the south the massive Sella Group, the Cir Peaks in the Puez Group with the Puez-Odle Nature Park to the north, the Sassolungo Group to the west and to the east the peaks of the Val Badia valley with the legendary Fanes Group. On the ridge, several brooks have their source, one of them is the Rio Frea which flows into the Rio Gardena. We’ll stay in La Villa, which is nestled in the mountains and is framed by the UNESCO Puez-Geisler / Puez-Odle, and the Fanes-Sennes-Prags / Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Parks. Delicious dinner at our hotel.

Day 7: 18 JULY - La Villa
Options day! You may want to relax and wander the cute local village, do a light hike, or join us for an e-mountain bike ride. The choice is yours!

Day 8: 19 JULY
After breakfast, we’ll go to Bolzano, enjoy a walk around on your own and a visit the Museum of Ötzi, the ice man. “Ötzi is a glacier mummy from the Copper Age, who, thanks to extraordinary circumstances, has been preserved down to the present day. Little by little, he has imparted genuine stores of knowledge. He was discovered accidentally by hikers in 1991, together with his clothing and equipment, on the Schnalstal/Val Senales Valley glacier and has been the subject of intensive research ever since.” [Wikipedia]

After lunch we’ll depart to Verona where our tour ends. Please DO NOT schedule a flight out early on this day (July 20th) as we may not be back in time. Contact us before booking your return.


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$5201 per person based on double-occupancy
$721 per person extra for single room option

  • These prices are subject to change if the exchange rate fluctuates. Right now rates are great, so it’s a good time to travel in Europe!

Prices cover all lodging, guides, tours, most meals, and transportation. Additional expenses not included in this price are airfare to Verona (there are other airports you can fly in to and then easily take a train to Verona), some meals, guide tips, spa treatments, and mountain bike rentals.

A deposit of $2000 per person is required to reserve your spot. We encourage you to do this asap as our spaces are limited to 8, and we get better hotel options the sooner we can guarantee our visit with deposits.



Lifelong photographer, educator, lover of travel and adventure. Kevin has taught and photographed in amazing places, all over the world like Russia, China, Japan, Italy, England, Germany, Cambodia, Peru, Brazil, Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa, Greece, Canada, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, and even Las Vegas. Kevin is also passionate about riding motorcycles, and the freedom to explore that it fuels.
Kevin and his second favorite gal.

Clare Kubota


AKA, the Queen Bee. Clare is the one that keeps it all together. Her creativity, passion, and genuine love for travel and sharing her experiences makes her your go-to-gal when you really want the inside scoop. Clare has been co-leading workshops with Kevin from day 1.







Max Brunelli and Christiana Chiacchierini




The charming and beautiful Cristiana makes everyone feel so wonderfully welcome and at ease. She keeps Max in line and takes care of all the little details that add up to a fantastic overall experience. She is a wonderful cook and definitely knows where to find the best shopping deals.



Husband of Cristiana, and your quintessential non-typical Italian man. His knowledge of Italy and passion for sharing it is contagious. If you don't love Max for his encyclopedia brain, you'll love him for his sense of humor. Max is a lifelong motorcycle rider.


Many of our travelers are repeat customers, join us once and find out why! We take pride in offering a sincere and personal vested interest in your enjoyment and experience. We'll do everything we can to make sure you're a satisfied customer, too!

"I LOVE the whole trip it was amazing everything from where we stayed to the food and the company the trip was perfect. Great Job guys!! There is no other way to travel, you get the intimate backstage pass to the area."
Catrina Scott

"I loved this adventure because it was off the beaten track, and we were privileged to experience the Umbria and Tuscany regions of Italy in a way most tourists don't get to enjoy. The people you meet become friends, the places you stay are small local gems, the food you enjoy is awesome, the sights you experience and photograph are indescribable and the attention to detail and the way they work in activities that interest everybody is phenomenal. This was my first travel adventure with the Kubotas, and I look forward to participating in others!"
Benita Clarke

"EVERYTHING! The motos were so much fun! The weather was PERFECT- I feel like we got so lucky there. The food was incredible. I loved the places we stayed and all the places we visited. I didn't want it to end. The Italy motophototour 2016 was an epic adventure of a lifetime and food for the soul. I am leaving feeling alive and inspired in a way that I didn't know was possible."
Frances Marron

"The Secret Italy trip was fantastic! The convenience of having everything planned out for us, from each stop along our way that offered incredible photo ops, all the way down to the wonderful Italian dinners we shared together. All we had to do was show up! My wife, who is not a photographer, had an awesome time as well. We made many friends and continue to stay in touch. A big thanks to Kevin, Clare, Max and Cristiana for their planning and hospitality. I would do it again in a heartbeat."
Shane Rodimel

"Where do I begin? I loved the entire trip throughout Italy with Kevin, Clare, Max and Cristiana. They knew what photographers would be interested in seeing. Best of all, there was no one saying "why do you have to take so many pictures where ever we go?" It was great to be with so many people with exactly the same interests as me. There was a wonderful variety of places to photograph. There were endless photo ops whether you like photographing people, landscape, close-ups, architecture, or food. And there was endless food as well. The accommodations were beautiful and spacious. Max and Cristiana are so warm and knowledgeable about the history and culture of the various towns we visited. I loved their home town of Stroncone the best. I hope to go to Italy again with Kevin and Clare's tour some day."

Marilyn Hunt