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Extensions are not supported for Mac computers using the M1 processor and Photoshop v.22.3 or later. However, the Kubota Market DASHBOARD can be used while running Photoshop 22.3 or later in Rosetta emulation mode, or you can opt to install Photoshop 22.2 and continue to access the Dashboard as usual.

Learn more about the known differences and limitations of running Photoshop in native mode on computers using the Apple silicon M1 chip HERE.

The Kubota Market DASHBOARD can still be used on M1 Macs if you are running Photoshop 22.2 or older.

• To learn more about Adobe Photoshop features in version V22.2 go HERE.
• To learn more about Adobe Photoshop fixed issues between versions 22.2 and V22.3 and newer go HERE.

To install an older version of Photoshop (Note that this process will remove the version currently installed):
    1. Close Photoshop.
    2. Open your Creative Cloud app and log in.
    3. Navigate to the All Apps section on the left side pane.
    4. Click on the “…” to view menu options and select Other Versions.


  1. Click on Install next to Photoshop (22.2).


  2. Follow the Dashboard uninstall / install steps HERE.

The Kubota Market DASHBOARD can still be used while running Photoshop 22.3 or newer in Rosetta emulation mode.

To learn more about Adobe Photoshop & Rosetta go HERE.

To manually install DASHBOARD 5 for use in Rosetta emulation mode:
    1. Close Photoshop
    2. Download the Dashboard 5 manual install file from HERE.
    3. Open a Finder window and navigate to your Downloads folder.
    4. Unzip the file labeled Kubota Market Dashboard - manual install files.zip.

      Included Folders:
        • com.kubotamarket.Dashboard
        • KubotaMarketData
    5. Open a second Finder window
    6. Go to Go > Go to Folder...


  1. Select, copy and paste ~/ Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions into the search field, then click on Go.

    Extensions Folder

  2. Place both Finder windows side-by-side
  3. Move the 2 manual install folders into the extensions folder.

    Installation Folders

  4. Navigate to your Applications folder
  5. Locate your Photoshop application file labeled Adobe Photoshop 2021.app
  6. Click on Command + I to open the Get Info window.
  7. Check the Open using Rosetta box, then close window.

    Photoshop Rosetta

  8. Open Photoshop.
  9. Go to Window > Extensions (Legacy) > Kubota Market DASHBOARD.

    Extensions Window

  10. If the Dashboard login window appears, enter your Kubota Market DASHBOARD account email and password.

Visit the Kubota Market Support Center for additional support, video tutorials and FAQs on using the DASHBOARD, as well as basic and advanced DASHBOARD tips and tricks.