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Kubota Complete Photoshop Set
Take the fully-loaded Kubota Action DASHBOARD and add on every other image-enhancing tool Kevin Kubota has made for Photoshop to create this set that fills Photoshop to Kubota capacity. This super savings set includes over 375 actions, 125 borders, 100 textures, and 500 classic album layouts, plus a Kubota Artist Style DVD tutorial from Tamara Lackey or Michael Corsentino!

These are powerhouse tools for creating stunning images in a flash and getting them back to your clients in record time. This single investment has the potential to immediately enhance your creative style and help you attract more clients.
*The combined total value of all of the products included in the Complete Photoshop Set is $1,982. Today only, it is available at 50% off for $991. However, as always, if your online cart total is $300 or more, you can save 25% with code SAVE25. Thus, if you apply the coupon code SAVE25 when placing your order for this set, you can get it for only $743.25 (over 60% total savings)!

Note: The SAVE25 discount code is only valid on the Complete Photoshop Set; it is not valid on other sale items.

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