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Today's Holiday DEAL:
Kubota Artistic Tools V3
The "High Fashion Edgy" pak includes over 50 image enhancing Photoshop actions. This pak includes our favorite skin retouching actions, as well as several general portrait retouching actions. Also included are glowing and deeply romantic black and whites, vibrant color styles, and fun, dramatic looks. This pak will help speed up post processing for portrait photography sessions for sure.

A unique, painterly look that simplifies the image and makes it look half painted, half photographic. This bolder version has a more vivid color palette.

A subtle, everyday type of action that works great to enhance colors—especially blue skies. This was designed for a wedding client photographed in Hawaii and used on their complete set of images.

A bright, soft, high-key look. Try this with portraits on a white background for beautiful, modern looks.

A soft, subtle color palette similar to what you might get from tea staining a print. All natural, no caffeine.

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