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Today's Holiday DEAL:
Kubota Artistic Tools V4
The "Cutting Edge" pak includes over 50 image-enhancing Photoshop actions. This pak has enhancements that add three-dimensional vividness and rich color palettes; great for landscape photography or any image with lots of texture. With it you can indulge in cool new interactive black and white converters for the perfect tonal blend and richness. It is also a favorite with wedding and travel photographers. If you love unique, edgy, and bold looks, this is a great set to try.

A lighter, soft and creamy effect. You just gotta try it. Non-staining formula.

Bam! An illuminant, three-dimensional, edgy, bold, and powerful round-house kick to the head. Use on images with lots of texture and detail, then stand back and feel
the Dragon.

Even older than the Ancient action, this is edgy and bold. Not for the faint at heart or those seeking normality. Look out for T. rex.

Enhances details and removes haziness from the image. You may find you like this as a starter action for all your images.

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