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Kubota AutoAlbum
This Hot One award-winning album design software includes over 500 timeless layout options in square, vertical or panorama page formats and is powered by our Kubota AutoAlbum DASHBOARD for Photoshop. The DASHBOARD allows you to quickly search, mark favorites, and view the layout before applying it.
AutoAlbum designs completely within Photoshop, so there are no new programs to learn. All page designs are kept as fully modifiable layered files, so they remain customizable. Using Smart Object capabilities, you can quickly edit your images on the fly. Since Photoshop layers are maintained, templates can be easily adjusted and customized. Just prepare your final images and save them as a .tif, .jpg, or .psd file.

You will love the Kubota AutoAlbum with DASHBOARD because it is:
SIMPLE: Select your layout, choose your images, save your page - Done!
USER-FRIENDLY: Includes Template Library Book for easy reference.
FAST: You work offline in Photoshop using Smart Object Technology!
ELEGANT: Modern square, square panorama, and 11x14 vertical layouts.
UNDER YOUR CONTROL: Completely customizable layered file format.

This super-fast user interface allows you to take the quickest path from idea to album.





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