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Today's Holiday DEALS:

Kubota Bor-Tex DASHBOARD Set
In familiar DASHBOARD fashion, you can enhance your images using a collection of 100 radiant, gorgeous textures, along with over 125 of our favorite borders! Apply these easy-to-use steps to any of your images to finish them with flair and wow your clients. These creative tools are the perfect complement to your Kubota image enhancements in the Kubota Action DASHBOARD and will operate at the high quality standard you have come to expect from Kubota Image Tools.
Kubota Texture Tools Industrial: This set of 50 TEXTURES we created were derived from man-made sources, and add some snap or edge to your photos!
Kubota Sloppy Borders: Get OVER 125 BORDERS in this pak to add the perfect finishing touch to your photographs.
Kubota Texture Tools Earth: Add depth, warmth, and character to your images with 50 of the most stunning TEXTURES we've ever seen on our Earth.

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