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Today's Holiday DEAL:
How To Photoshop Everyone DVD
We've all seen technical training videos that have an instructor sitting at his computer walking you through how-to steps in a monotone voice.I don't know about you, but I can learn that way for about five minutes before my eyes glaze over and my brain totally checks out. Photoshop is an essential piece of software for every photographer and we all have to learn it somehow. Our goal with How to Photoshop Everyone is to make learning Photoshop fun by breaking the mold of traditional software instruction. It incorporates a fun story line and a set of hilarious characters, plus a ton of amazing Photoshop tips and tricks every portrait photographer should know in order to work efficiently and effectively in Photoshop.
With How to Photoshop Everyone, you'll glean information on retouching, workflow, using layers, layer masks, keyboard shortcuts, removing blemishes, recording and applying actions, and so much more!

Kevin Kubota has been a Photoshop instructor and portrait photography instructor for over 10 years. He constantly receives rave reviews for his teaching style and down-to-earth approach.

The DVD set comes with the two hour movie, and a five hour standard Photoshop training DVD with Kevin Kubota. It is produced by Monte Zucker Photographic Education in conjunction with Kubota Image Tools.
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