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BOOST your branding and sales AND take your lighting and workflow to the next level! Today, every photographer needs to know how to adapt to a variety of situations, with a variety of subjects. This two-day workshop will cover studio and outdoor lighting, branding and sales techniques, as well as setting up an optimal Lightroom and Photoshop workflow; taught by world-renowned photographic educators Julia Kelleher and Kevin Kubota.
When: November 17 & 18, 2013
Where: Bend, Oregon
Cost (includes lunch): $658 for both days, $359 for one day
We're limiting these workshops to just 20 participants to allow for sufficient Q&A time, as well as some hands-on help. Come join us in beautiful Bend, Oregon! We'll do our best to make sure you have a great time and take home lots of useful information!

Day 1 will be taught by Julia Kelleher at her studio. Topics covered include:
Studio Lighting Techniques: From short to broad, to posing like a pro, to studio techniques for the novice.
What's In A Style?: Creating a brand that is uniquely you, and using it to target your niche effectively.
The 5 Ps of In-Person Sales: A system that will create consistent revenue, and using ProSelect in the salesroom.

Day 2 will be taught by Kevin Kubota at his studio. Topics covered include:
Outdoor Lighting Techniques: Control, modify, and create any type of light you want.
Setting Up an Efficient Workflow Using Lightroom: The number one complaint from photographers is a timeconsuming workflow, so optimize it!
Image Enhancement in Lightroom & Photoshop: Beautiful effects that flatter your subject and sell more images.