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Kevin does. He will share the essentials for running an efficient, profitable photography studio in this free webinar on kumu STUDIO, his brand-new studio management software. Kevin's simple start-to-finish system will integrate seamlessly with your entire workflow. Ahhh.

Join in to see how this affordable software keeps you well organized, on track, and on time. Download the free version now so you can try it out for yourself and play along.

Learn how to:
  • Price your products for profitability
  • Track all essential contact information
  • Be successful with relationship marketing, right from the git-go
  • Make follow-up marketing an easy part of your workflow
  • Generate quick and easy financial reports to see how your studio is doing
  • Connect kumu STUDIO with Lightroom for a complete job management system
  • More, more, more!
Register by August 4th at noon and attend the webinar to get fantastic discount coupons and contest giveaways from our partners! Space is limited.