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free live class: April 28-29
9am - 4pm

When you consider what separates good photographers from great photographers, words like "artistic" and "versatile" might come to mind—but "efficient" is just as important. During this FREE live course, learn how you, too, can create a productive Lightroom and Photoshop workflow:

Take the stress and frustration out of capturing, saving, and editing images.
Learn about creating and protecting an image database that allows you to find the image you need, when you need it.
Build strategies for working efficiently without sacrificing your creativity or the quality of your images.
Gain concrete, step-by-step instructions that will help you be more productive in every step of your process, from image capture to output.
Join Kevin Kubota for a course that will equip you with a seamless,
productive Lightroom and Photoshop workflow.

Share Your Story
Have you used Kevin's workflow training videos or attended one of his workshops, and have some nice things to share? He would really like to share those stories on his CreativeLive program to help and inspire other photographers. Considering his program is going to be on Lightroom and Photoshop workflow, step-by-step, comments and testimonials relating to his workflow training or products would be perfect. All he needs is a quick paragraph, or a short video (nothing fancy), and a photo of you sent to him. To sweeten the deal, everyone who sends him something will be entered to win a Tamrac Apache Series bag. To participate, please click HERE and complete the form.