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free live class: April 28-29
9am - 4pm

When you consider what separates good photographers from great photographers, words like "artistic" and "versatile" might come to mind—but "efficient" is just as important. During this FREE live course, learn how you, too, can create a productive Lightroom and Photoshop workflow.

Raves About Kevin's Workflow System
"When I showed up at Kevin's workshop, I had with me the photographic equivalent of a box of puzzle pieces. If I could just get those pieces together, I thought to myself. In the week that I spent with Kevin, I not only gained a new inspirational mentor, but he also showed me how to transform all of those puzzle pieces into a wonderful work of art which is now the workflow I use today."Michael Novo
"The folder structure used with Lightroom has been absolutely invaluable!!! I wish I could quantify the amount of time it has saved both in the workflow, as well as archiving and retrieving client images. Time is money in a young studio, and providing a client information or images quickly can make or break your reputation while they are standing in front of you."Sonya Petre
"Kevin's actions and Photoshop DASHBOARD have made a HUUUUUGE impact in my photography and career! I bought his entire set of action bundles right out of college and have used them on every single job ever since. They really have become part of my style and workflow, and I'm truly grateful!"Dixie Dixon
"Kevin's brilliant Lightroom workflow system took my asset management from disorganized chaos to digital Zen garden overnight and I've never looked back!"Michael Corsentino

Listen carefully during the live class, as Kevin will also have some fantastic giveaways!