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Lightroom Tutorial Upgrade: $50
Because you already own one of Kevin's previous Lightroom tutorials, you'll be able to purchase his updated tutorial for Lightroom 5 at this discounted price. This tutorial divulges the speedy workflow that Kevin uses masterfully for his own photos, and is designed to help photographers use Lightroom more efficiently.

This five-hour tutorial is broken down into sections. You can start from the beginning or go directly to the sections you choose. Upon purchase, you will receive a link to stream and download the tutorial chapters.
Tutorial Overview:
• Organizing, Storing, and Backing Up Your Files
• Pre-Import Setup
• Making Custom Presets
• Importing Images
• Selecting Images for Editing
• Basic Image Adjustments in Lightroom
• Advanced Image Adjustments in Lightroom
• Editing Images in Photoshop
• Exporting from Lightroom
• Publish Services
• Printing from Lightroom
• Other Lightroom Modules
• Advanced User Tip
• And Much More!