This note is to all of you who have heard about the DASHBOARD 4, but haven't been enticed to try it yet. Maybe you can't even BEGIN to think about trying to learn a new piece of software, or you feel like you're all set with your PS workflow and don't NEED any new software, or maybe you just plain don't understand what it is and why you should use it.

Please take a minute to look at five reasons to try THIS new software:
1. Test out our actions on your own images before you buy.
2. It works with Photoshop CS5 and higher, and allows you to sort, keyword, and "favorite" all your actions. It's the ulti5ate action organizer.
3. Download DASHBOARD 4 now and receive 48 FREE Kubota actions for common Photoshop tasks, high quality image effects, and the ability to prep images for social media.
4. DASHBOARD 4 actions are fully customizable and adjustable, you can import actions you own or have created, plus it gives you the ability to batch process, and run multiple actions on a single image.
5. We've got easy-to-follow instructions as well as videos to help you install and get started.
Questions? Contact us.

Team Kubota