Kubota DASHBOARD 4 Pro for Photoshop!

The Kubota DASHBOARD organizes, searches, launches, and by golly it just makes Photoshop faster and more fun! It works with ANY action in Photoshop and all of the famous Kubota Image Tools actions, borders, textures, and album templates. It also gives your own actions super powers, like one-click undo and paintability!

You can demo any of our other award-winning actions, borders, and textures, immediately and purchase if you want. There is no catch.

This is the original and most powerful Photoshop action and effect manager available...

Faster + Easier + More Beautiful = Happy!


Super Search! Normally, when you search, you can limit your searches to a certain category by using the category drop down menu. With Super Search, just type the * character at the end of your search and it will search everything, everywhere!

New graphics and sizing options make the DASHBOARD a welcome addition to your Photoshop workspace.