Workshops with Purpose is heading to Bolivia October 9-17, 2014 to partner alongside Food for the Hungry and support them with photography for their Little Ones project. Food for the Hungry works globally to create solutions for ending world hunger. They care deeply about children and cherishing local cultures. Little Ones is a project devoted to helping mothers care for their children. This project is in place to "help prevent severe learning disabilities and mental disorders from lack of nutrition, provide the proper care and nutrition that a little one's immune system needs to grow into a thriving child, and prevent physical and mental stunting that could potentially lead to a lifetime of poverty."

Workshop attendees will be seeing the ins and outs of Little Ones and documenting how children in need are receiving care. The photography captured will allow Food for the Hungry to further promote and educate people about the Little Ones project. Workshops with Purpose founders find that this project is unique because Food for the Hungry truly believes in the education of mothers to see generational changes. When a mother is educated and encouraged to care for her children well, her children will thrive and create a lasting impact in their communities and future families.

During the workshop time they will be covering the latest workflow techniques, editing efficiently in Lightroom 5, troubleshooting while photographing on site, off-camera lighting, legalities of working with non-profits; and discussing how photographers can use their talents and passions to inspire and give back to the world around us. These workshops offer an experience for photographers to learn from one another and grow as a team throughout the workshop.

There are only 12 spots available for this workshop and they will fill up quickly! We're so grateful for your interest in Workshops with Purpose, and hope you'll join them on this life changing journey!