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Camera Awesome App

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Awesomize Your Memories

awesomize [ˈô-səm-īz]


To trick your friends into thinking you’re a famous photographer.

Camera Awesome takes your photos to the next level by shooting FAASSST and taking sharper, better exposed shots. Make your memories come alive with gorgeous effects. 0-Tap sharing on the sites you love.


Now available in the app store, Camera Awesome for iPad takes full advantage of the device's high-resolution display and features by offering a bigger and clearer user interface with large previews, better framing, and bigger, easier editing. Did we mention it's bigger?


1-Tap Awesomize

Touch just once for perfect pictures. The Awesomize button works its magic on everything from blue-hued Becky to too-dark Mark.

Camera Awesome Awesomize feature


Compositional Tools and Effects

Pull down the top tab for tools that help you line up the perfect shot. You can also choose different effects that will automatically apply to photos you take.

Camera Awesome composition feature


Settings Focus and Exposure

Backlit Mom? No problem. Tap two fingers to set (and lock) focus and exposure.

Camera Awesome focus feature


Crop and Rotate

Trim or rotate your photo any way you like. Want a custom crop? Simply drag or move the crop box until it's perfect.

Camera Awesome transform feature


Have Fun With 36 Free Effects

You get 36 free presets, filters, textures and frames right out of the box. That's thousands of juicy combinations that won't cost you a penny.

Camera Awesome presets feature


Get 9 for $.99

Want more? Buy over 250 additional effects and throw your creativity into overdrive. They come in sets of nine, each under a buck. Want a ton? Just $9.99 gets you 262,143 combos!

Camera Awesome filters feature


Share Everywhere

The Share button gives you 8 different ways to tell your friends what you've been doing. When viewing a photo, just tap the button in the bottom left, choose a service, and voila!

Camera Awesome share feature


Camera Awesome's breathtaking collection of presets, filters, textures and frames includes exclusive filters created by Kevin Kubota. There are a total of 14 Kubota sets, with five preset sets (Kubota I, II, III, IV, and V), three filter sets (Kubota I, II, and III), three texture sets (Kubota I, II, and III), and three frames sets (Kubota I, II, and III). Each set includes nine effects and is available for only $.99! You also have the option to purchase all effects Camera Awesome has to offer, including all of the Kubota sets, giving you 262,143 combinations for just $5.99.

"I was thrilled to create filters for Camera Awesome because of the power it places in the hands of iPhone photographers," said Kubota. "Kubota filters are the standard for pro photographers around the world who use programs like Photoshop, and now they are available to everyone via Camera Awesome."


Camera Awesome: My new favorite iPhone photo app - a quick review & tips

In only a few short weeks, Camera Awesome, the free photo app from SmugMug, has risen to the top of the charts with MILLIONS of downloads! I was asked by SmugMug to be a part of the app development nearly a year ago and I am really excited to have been able to contribute some of the effects, presets, borders, and textures. And, there are LOTS of really cool options to choose from. Learn more.