Kevin Kubota's Italian Dolomites Photography Tour 2018

Kevin Kubota's Italian Dolomites Photography Tour 2018

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While we have led tours in Italy for many years, this new one has us especially excited! The Italian Dolomites are a mountain range in northern Italy, just a bit north-west of Venice. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2009 as a landmark area of particular beauty and significance to the entire world. Up in these majestic mountains lay some of the most beautiful and heart-stopping views that you'll find anywhere in Italy. It is also home to the largest lake in Italy, Lago di Garda, which is a stunning location lined with castles and classic Italian villages.

Our tour of the area will include some of the most beautiful locations with a wide variety of activities. We'll start in the Lake Garda area and explore our way to Bolzano for a night. Fun fact: In the 2014 version of the annual ranking of quality of life in Italian cities, Bolzano was ranked as having the Best Quality of Life in Italy.

We'll then move to Selva Val Gardena, where we'll set our home base for 3 days and explore the beautiful surrounding areas, including the incredibly serene, lake of Braies. From Selva we'll move to Cortina, a scenic mountain town with a rich history and known for its artisan crafts and fashion as well as a James Bond movie.

We'll then venture on down to Treviso, a beautiful region just above Venice with a reputation for being the home of Prosecco (Italian sparkling wine), lush vineyards, and an ancient walled city and just possibly the birthplace of tiramisu. This is debatable and will definitely take some research.

This tour is designed for those looking for a little more activity, adventure, authenticity, and intimacy than riding on a crowded tour bus could provide. We'll have two groups: a handful riding motorcycles, and another team riding in the comfort of a small touring van. The motorcycle riders will take slightly different roads to our destinations and will do some day trips to explore the motorcycle heaven that is the Italian Dolomites. We'll sometimes meet up during the day to hike or visit a location together, but we'll always meet up by the evening to share dinner, laughs, and evening explorations. If you ride and your partner does not, don't worry! There will be fun for both of you and you'll still have plenty of time to share stories and snuggle in the evenings.

All guests can expect some amazing options, like hiking, spa experiences, shopping in quaint mountain villages, an Italian cooking class, vineyard tours, and even exploring on electric bicycles through the streets of medieval towns. Of course, there will be photo opportunities galore. We'll mostly be staying in smaller, more intimate hotels and guest houses for a richer and more authentic experience. Count on great hospitality and Italian country cooking!

We keep our groups small to allow us to experience things, and stay in places that larger groups could not. We love to see the bonds that can form when small groups of people share a unique experience together and feel comfortable with all their travel companions. Will you join us on this adventure of a lifetime?

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In a nutshell, this tour includes:
  • Fully guided and supported tour with experienced, licensed Italian tour guides (English speaking). You can simply relax and enjoy!
  • 7 nights in the amazing Italian Dolomites in excellent, intimate, 3-4 star hotels.
  • Cooking class.
  • Wine tasting experience.
  • Cheese tasting experience.
  • Hiking tours.
  • Mountain bike or e-bike touring.
  • All dinners, and Italian style breakfast.
  • Epic photography opportunities.
  • Small group for utmost mobility, intimacy, and attention to your needs.
  • Optional motorcycle rental to experience some of the most amazing roads in all of Italy.

Things to keep in mind...

  • Motorcycle riders must be licensed, have experience riding, and be very comfortable on twisty mountain roads without being too distracted by epic scenery all around them. We'll rent high quality touring motorcycles (not scooters) from BMW, Ducati, and Moto Guzzi.
  • Non-riders should be comfortable hiking, riding a bicycle, and eating (not all at the same time). All activities are optional, however, and will usually include variations for different experience/fitness levels.
  • A refundable deposit will be required to rent a motorcycle.
  • Tour will begin in the city of Verona, which is between Venice and Milan (It's about 2-3 hrs by train to either city). Please plan to meet in Verona. We can help you arrange transport from wherever you are in Italy to Verona.
  • We'll all be together in the same hotels and share most meals together, so couples shouldn't feel separation anxiety too badly. Who knows, it might be good for you!



Lifelong photographer, educator, lover of travel and adventure. Kevin has taught and photographed in amazing places, all over the world like Russia, China, Japan, Italy, England, Germany, Cambodia, Peru, Brazil, Rwanda, Kenya, South Africa, Greece, Canada, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, and even Las Vegas. Kevin is also passionate about riding motorcycles, and the freedom to explore that it fuels.

Kevin Kubota
Kevin and his second favorite gal.


AKA, the Queen Bee. Clare is the one that keeps it all together. Her creativity, passion, and genuine love for travel and sharing her experiences makes her your go-to-gal when you really want the inside scoop. Clare has been co-leading workshops with Kevin from day 1.

Clare Kubota



Husband of Cristiana, and your quintessential non-typical Italian man. His knowledge of Italy and passion for sharing it is contagious. If you don't love Max for his encyclopedia brain, you'll love him for his sense of humor. Max is a lifelong motorcycle rider.

Max and Christiana Brunelli


The charming and beautiful Cristiana makes everyone feel so wonderfully welcome and at ease. She keeps Max in line and takes care of all the little details that add up to a fantastic overall experience. She is a wonderful cook and definitely knows where to find the best shopping deals.

Max Brunelli and Christiana Chiacchierini


We love to go on adventures. But even more gratifying is being able to share those experiences and see the glow in the eyes of our friends. We've met some of the most amazing and inspiring people on our journeys through the years. Some of our workshop attendees have become dear friends, and we can't imagine what our life would be like if we hand't been doing this!

Our dream is to share the love of photography, adventure, discovery, and deepening friendships. If we get to ride motos while we do it, all the better!


Single Room: $4520 per person
Double Room: $4125 per person

Optional Motorcycle Rental:
$1367-$1625 (depends on the model and includes insurance and pickup/delivery)


We have top-quality motorcycles available to rent from BMW, Moto Guzzi, and Ducati. See available bikes for this tour below. If there is a bike you really want to ride, please let us know ASAP so we can reserve it for you! Colors and model year changes may vary. Seat heights and weights are from manufacturer specs.

Optional motorcycle rental prices, which includes insurance and delivery to/from Verona:

Kevin Kubota's MotoPhotoTours Italy 2018 Motorcycles


View photos from the 2016 Italy tour here.


Many of our travelers are repeat customers, join us once and find out why! We take pride in offering a sincere and personal vested interest in your enjoyment and experience. We'll do everything we can to make sure you're a satisfied customer, too!

"I LOVE the whole trip it was amazing everything from where we stayed to the food and the company the trip was perfect. Great Job guys!! There is no other way to travel, you get the intimate backstage pass to the area."
Catrina Scott

"I loved this adventure because it was off the beaten track, and we were privileged to experience the Umbria and Tuscany regions of Italy in a way most tourists don't get to enjoy. The people you meet become friends, the places you stay are small local gems, the food you enjoy is awesome, the sights you experience and photograph are indescribable and the attention to detail and the way they work in activities that interest everybody is phenomenal. This was my first travel adventure with the Kubotas, and I look forward to participating in others!"
Benita Clarke

"EVERYTHING! The motos were so much fun! The weather was PERFECT- I feel like we got so lucky there. The food was incredible. I loved the places we stayed and all the places we visited. I didn't want it to end. The Italy motophototour 2016 was an epic adventure of a lifetime and food for the soul. I am leaving feeling alive and inspired in a way that I didn't know was possible."
Frances Marron

"If a picture is worth a Thousand Words, then the MotoPhoto trip is worth a Thousand Pages."
Brooks Hilton

"The Secret Italy trip was fantastic! The convenience of having everything planned out for us, from each stop along our way that offered incredible photo ops, all the way down to the wonderful Italian dinners we shared together. All we had to do was show up! My wife, who is not a photographer, had an awesome time as well. We made many friends and continue to stay in touch. A big thanks to Kevin, Clare, Max and Cristiana for their planning and hospitality. I would do it again in a heartbeat."
Shane Rodimel

"Where do I begin? I loved the entire trip throughout Italy with Kevin, Clare, Max and Cristiana. They knew what photographers would be interested in seeing. Best of all, there was no one saying "why do you have to take so many pictures where ever we go?" It was great to be with so many people with exactly the same interests as me. There was a wonderful variety of places to photograph. There were endless photo ops whether you like photographing people, landscape, close-ups, architecture, or food. And there was endless food as well. The accommodations were beautiful and spacious. Max and Cristiana are so warm and knowledgeable about the history and culture of the various towns we visited. I loved their home town of Stroncone the best. I hope to go to Italy again with Kevin and Clare's tour some day."
Marilyn Hunt


For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Not finding what you want? Feel free to request more info!

Q: Can I use my own motorcycle?

A: Of course! Ride whatever you feel best on. Shipping a motorcycle to Italy from the USA is expensive, so renting a bike is usually the best option. Plus, you get to try a new bike that you may have been drooling over.

Q: Do I need special insurance?

A: Renting a moto is just like renting a car. Check with your insurance carrier to see if you have coverage abroad. You also have the option to get local insurance riders to cover any gaps. We'll fill you in on all that when you sign up.

Q: Will the riding be difficult? Off road?

A: We will not be racing! This is a discovery tour. We will, however, be traveling on some very tight & twisty back roads, so a decent amount of riding experience is required. On occasion we explore a dirt road or cobblestone street, but nothing too technical.

Q: Do I need to be a professional photographer to attend?

A: Heck no. You just need to love photography (hey, even your phone counts) and appreciate taking time to capture your adventures on pixels. Photography guidance and instruction will be given to help you become the best photographer you can be no matter what your level or where you want to go with it.

Q: When should I book my spot?

A: ASAP! We have a strict limit on the number of riders, to keep our group safe, manageable, and fun for all. Once we are full, we are full.