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Kubota South African Photo Safari - Kubota Image Tools

Kubota South African Photo Safari

By Kubota Image Tools

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This is an environment sure to rejuvenate your photographic creativity: the South African Safari. This wild excursion will evoke your excitement about photography by stimulating your senses in every way with the sounds and textures of the safari, the smell and taste of traditional African meals, and by viewing these remarkable animals in their natural habitat. You couldn't ask for a more exhilarating event for your photography career.

Each day will include two trips out on a South African Safari led by Kevin and Tricia Dooley of Idube Photo Safari, as well as a 2-hour workshop led by Kevin Kubota relating to your needs about workflow, Photoshop, Lightroom, lighting, composition, creativity, and more. There will also be plenty of rest and relaxation time at the luxurious Thakadu River Camp.

If you have any questions, please email Clare Kubota at


Meals do not include adult beverages. Attendees responsible for their own airfare.


Subject to change.

5:00 AM Wake Up
5:30 AM Tea/Coffee/Snacks
5:45 AM Leave on Safari
10:00 AM Return from Safari
10:15 AM Full Breakfast
11:30 AM Photography Workshop Session
1:30 PM Lunch
3:30 PM High Tea
3:45 PM Leave on Safari & Return at Dark
8:00 PM Full Dinner, time by the fire, and bed time!


"The trip to South Africa with Kevin and Clare Kubota, and their boys, was a "Bucket List" trip and it was better than I could have ever imagined! Both Kevin and Clare are attentive and caring people that will make you feel comfortable and a part of the group even if you are traveling alone. I left home (alone) not knowing a soul and returned with another "family"…love them all!

The twice-daily game drives were always different…I never wanted to skip any because I might miss something! We saw four of the big five game (missed the leopard), as well as numerous other game, birds, and lots of monkeys hanging out at the lodge waiting grab any food morsels they could get their hands on! The lodge and staff were great. The luxury tents were beautiful and equipped with everything I needed. The food was very good (the staff accommodated Kevin and me with our paleo lifestyle by boiling eggs for us each morning). Each day we would return from our morning game drive to a yummy brunch. In the afternoon we had the option of resting, relaxing by the pool, or sitting in on Kevin's Lightroom workflow class before the evening drive. Not only is Kevin an expert, but he is very patient in his teaching…and Clare was there to help when I needed it.

Thanks to Kevin, I have gotten my life back and am using Lightroom much more efficiently.

One of my favorite times each day was the sundowner at sunset, while out on the evening game drive. We would return after the drive to another great meal. I loved the food and the opportunity to try new things that I would not get to try anywhere else.

The group became very close and I consider them to be life friends. It was great sharing this experience when we all shared the common interest of photography. I have several canvas prints on my walls that will forever remind me of a fabulous trip and the wonderful people that made this the trip of a lifetime….I hope I can make it to the next one!

Thank you for the opportunity!

Lots of love!