kumu STUDIO Photography Business Management Software by Kevin Kubota

kumu STUDIO Photography Business Management Software by Kevin Kubota

By Kubota Image Tools

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Current Version: 4.6.1

The Kubota team is excited to announce the launch of a new, easy, and affordable photography studio management software—kumu STUDIO. Our goal was to create a fun and intuitive studio management system that provides you with the tools you need to run an organized and profitable photography studio business. kumu STUDIO is powerful, without overwhelming you with complex features.

kumu STUDIO is an incredible tool to manage your business pricing, contacts, jobs, and invoicing. kumu has evolved from KIT E-Studio, affectionately known as KIT E-Stu, that Kevin Kubota originally developed to manage his own studio, and has relied on it for many years.

Kumu means teacher in Hawaiian. Our kumu looks kinda like a crazy professor, or an alien, whichever you prefer. But he's sharp as a tack and knows a thing or two about running a business—and preserving your sanity.

“The goal of kumu STUDIO is to walk photographers through the process of setting up their client database and digital workflow process,” Kevin said. “Additionally we provide them pricing worksheets for services and products, and give photographers the capability to build lasting relationships with their clients through target marketing. By capturing detailed information in your database, you can easily identify which clients are eligible for specific types of promotions. We also give you a highly searchable job and client database. Having all the job details in one place is a huge time saver. And time is money."


  • Manages and links your contacts, jobs, products, and invoices all in one location.
  • Pricing calculator to determine your cost of goods, retail pricing, and profitability.
  • Includes a post-production workflow checklist to keep you on task and on time.
  • Integrates with your image catalogs (e.g. Lightroom or Aperture) for end-to-end job tracking.
  • Sales and tax reports to let you know how you're doing.
  • Customer support available from really nice people via email or phone.
  • It's intuitive and actually kind of fun to use.
  • Currently works on both Mac and PC. (iPad coming soon)
  • And too many more to list!


kumu is available as a FREE 15-day trial. Download it, take a look around, enter some information, and make kumu your friend. Sign up for a subscription at anytime.


Do you kumu?

Kevin does. Kevin shares the essentials for running an efficient, profitable photography studio in this free webinar on kumu STUDIO, his brand new studio management software. Kevin's simple start-to-finish system will integrate seamlessly with your entire workflow. Ahhh.

Watch now to see how this affordable software keeps you well organized, on track, and on time. Download the free version from above so you can try it out for yourself and play along.

Learn how to:

  • Price your products for profitability
  • Track all essential contact information
  • Be successful with relationship marketing, right from the get-go
  • Make follow-up marketing an easy part of your workflow
  • Generate quick and easy financial reports to see how your studio is doing
  • Connect kumu STUDIO with Lightroom for a complete job management system
  • More, more, more!


We provide tutorial videos and answers to frequently asked questions. Get help!


Software Updates & Upgrades
They will always be free for subscribers.

Your credit card will be charged at the time of purchase for the chosen subscription plan and automatically at the beginning of each billing cycle relative to your subscription plan As soon as your payment is confirmed, your kumu STUDIO software will be ready to help keep you organized and grow your business.

Your subscription will automatically renew at the beginning of the billing cycle and your credit card will be charged the applicable subscription fee until your subscription is canceled. If the price has changed we will be sure to notify you beforehand.

Switching Subscription Options
Contact our super helpful customer service team at 1-877-330-4330 and we’ll get you all taken care of.

If at anytime you would like to cancel your subscription, please contact customer support to assist you. We’ll be sad to see you go, but we’ll understand. Please note, if you cancel in the middle of a term, you will not be refunded the remaining balance. In addition, upon cancellation, your software will revert to limited mode where you will be unable to add new records or make any adjustments, but you’ll always be able to view past entries. If there is something we could improve to encourage you to stay we’d love to opportunity to do that.

Upgrade to Subscription
If you purchased kumu STUDIO prior to 11/17/14 at the introductory offer, it will be yours to use forever and ever. We have provided the software for you with updates and bug fixes free for you; however, future upgrade feature versions will only be accessible to subscribers. You can switch to a subscription at any time and you will receive full credit for the amount you paid for kumu STUDIO, as if you had been a subscriber from the day you bought it. Your subscription price will be prorated based on how much you've paid and how long you've owned it.

Visit kumuSTUDIO.com for tutorial videos and answers to frequently asked questions related to the software. If you can’t find the answer you need, just call 1-877-330-4330 to speak amazing support team who is standing by to help! You can also reach them via email at info@kumuSTUDIO.com.