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Portrait & Fashion Lighting + Workflow Tutorial with Kevin Kubota - Kubota Image Tools

Portrait & Fashion Lighting + Workflow Tutorial with Kevin Kubota

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Kevin Kubota's high energy, creativity, and passion for photography shines throughout his course on portrait and fashion photography. Providing you with one of a kind content, he will give you tips and tricks for everyday portrait sessions and leave you full of inspiration. Tackling the day to day roles of an accredited photographer, you will follow Kevin as he organizes and composes a professional shoot from start to finish including post-processing.


1: Introduction (02:20)
2: Ideation (08:07)
3: Location Scouting (04:29)
4: Getting Models (01:18)
5: Assistants and Gear Preparation (07:22)
6: Gear Overview (19:41)
7: Basic Lighting Kit (01:30)
8: Metering Light (03:07)
9: Essential Lighting Skills (07:41)
10: Lighting Styles (17:09)
11: Beauty Lighting (10:27)
12: Window Light (09:05)
13: Studio Teardown and Transition (01:15)
14: On Location (17:26)
15: Post-processing (01:43:06)
16: DIY Light Scrim Panel (12.14)


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