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Storyteller Series Wedding Collection Vol 1 - CinderTrail

The Storyteller Wedding Collection Vol. 1 - Profiles for Lightroom, Photoshop, & Premiere Pro


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The Storyteller Wedding Collection Vol. 1 ranges from tones reminiscent of a PNW sunset, to the cool tones and washed out vibes of the sage and juniper that reside in the Oregon high desert. Color that is consistent with today’s popular feel, with some surprises for tomorrow’s trends.

This collection download includes profiles and companion presets to be installed in Lightroom, PLUS 3D LUT profiles for Photoshop, Premiere Pro and other video editing software. Buy once, and install in all your editing software!



    This collection includes 20 Lightroom profiles, and 19 bonus companion presets. It also includes 3D LUT versions for installation in Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and other video editing software that support 3D LUT files.

    These work with current versions of:

    • Lightroom CC (now known as simply Lightroom)
    • Lightroom Classic 
    • Photoshop
    • Premiere Pro
    • any editing software supporting 3D LUT files
    • 242
    • 2020
    • BlueHole
    • Canyon
    • Cinder Trail
    • Coastal
    • Dawn
    • DuneKurts
    • Dusks Last Light
    • High Desert
    • InfraFun
    • Journey
    • Mist
    • Of Wilderness And Wild
    • Pacific Crest
    • PNW
    • Sage
    • Save The Bees
    • Tumalo
    • Willamette
    • Grain-remover
    • Grain
    • Grainy-er
    • Grainy-est
    • PNW Dawn Patrol
    • PNW Sunset

    • Skin Bump +
    • Skin Bump ++
    • Skin Bump +++
    • Split Tone Cinema 1
    • Split Tone Cinema 2
    • Split Tone House Elf
    • Tone Artisan

    • Tone Crunch
    • Tone Flat
    • Vignette-er
    • Vignette-est
    • Vignette-remover
    • Vignette



    Profiles are a relatively new feature in Lightroom and they appear in a different location than your presets. Both types of effects allow you to alter the image in beautiful (or questionable) ways. Traditional Presets make use of Lightroom’s adjustment tools to create the look. The new Profiles can be made using adjustment tools, but they can also take advantage of advanced color manipulation only available in separate color editing software, giving you looks that Lightroom just isn’t capable of creating on its own. Profiles are infinitely more powerful.

    The other benefit to Profiles is that after you apply one, you can adjust the intensity of the entire look with one slider – something not possible with presets. In addition, you can apply a Profile AND still apply a preset, or presets, on top of it to fine tune the look. A Profile does not mess with any of your Lightroom adjustments, so you are free to set those as you see fit independently from the Profile. Artists like to adjust their images first for optimum exposure, color, and tone, and then drop a beautiful Profile on top of it to make it special.

    Sounds delicious, right? We think so too, and here is how to install and use them. 



    You can load our 3D LUT profiles easily for use in Photoshop. We have created companion actions for you (included with your purchase download) that automatically load them on a new separate layer from your existing image layers. Now you can adjust the new layer to control the amount of the effect AND, importantly, the actions can be searched and controlled with your Kubota DASHBOARD plugin, just like all the other beautiful effects we offer.

    Here is how to install and use them. 




    The Profile 3D LUT .cube files are supported in Adobe Premiere, as well as most other video editing software that also support .cube files. These instructions are for Premiere. For other applications, please refer to your software instructions for loading the 3D LUT files.

    Here is how to install and use them.