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Hi, I'm Kevin Kubota, and I started Kubota Image Tools in 2001 – shortly after I began teaching my Digital Photography Bootcamp. I had been doing portraits, weddings and commercial photography professionally for many years with my Hasselblad and Nikon film cameras. I also loved enhancing my images in Photoshop – which was a rather slow and arduous process at the time. I began working with digital capture back when Kodak offered the only portable digital SLR. Then, when Nikon came out with their D1 digital SLR, I was first on the block to get one. I couldn't wait to use these cameras in my portrait and wedding work. The creative side of me was now going to be able to work seamlessly with my techie, nerd side.

After several years of trial and error, (there was no one to teach me how to make the switch from film to digital) I felt like I had a pretty kick-butt workflow. I put together a week-long workshop for photographers who wanted to make the switch as well. I have a passion for teaching all things photography and business, and hoped other photographers could benefit from what I had to share. They did, and Kubota Image Tools, the workshop and software branch of my company, was born.

I've been fortunate to have had the opportunity to write books, teach workshops all over the world, create some cool Photoshop and Lightroom products, and even win some awards along the way. But the biggest reward for me is getting feedback from fellow photographers and designers letting me know that I have helped them build a more successful business, enhanced their love of all things photography, and given them some work life balance. These are the things I strive for every single day.

I'm also lucky enough to work side-by-side with my wife (it's not roses 100% of the time, but we make a pretty awesome duo) and have a great team to help me keep up with everything. Our business mantra is to "Empower Photographers," and everything we sell and do is designed around that simple principle. If it won't help you make money or become a better photographer, we won't offer it.

The photography industry has changed rapidly in recent years, and continues to evolve faster than the lifespan of a mayfly – or twitter post (generally 5 to 30 minutes). There is a plethora of education material and image enhancing software options available out there. For that reason we want to thank you for taking the time to look at what we have to offer, hope you'll consider our experience and reputation in the industry, and consider making a purchase.

We want you to feel like every dollar you spend with us is well worth it! We hope you become a fan.

Here's to your success!

Kubota Image Tools Team

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