Michael Corsentíno's Artist Style Tutorial & eBook

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Steps to creating stunning images are revealed by award-winning destination wedding photographer Michael Corsentíno.

Michael invites you into his Photoshop workspace to share his methods for conveying his eye-catching style. He demonstrates his unique approaches to working with Kubota actions on 25 of his images, sharing before and after pictures, meta data, and articulated insights behind each shoot.

Learn from and be inspired by this top artist in this very intimate format.


  • 3+ hours of online video streaming on how Michael uses Kubota actions to create 25 unique looks, along with an eBook.
To emulate all of the looks in Michael's tutorial and eBook, Kubota actions must be purchased separately.



Kevin Kubota
"Michael has a very distinctive post-processing style that utilizes our tools in creative ways. He has a very modern, edgy look to his images that is trend-setting, yet maintains a broad appeal. He loves to share his secrets and is a wonderful educator as well."

Michael Corsentíno
"My goal in post processing is simply to create images that feel 'right' to me. Ultimately I want to produce images that are tasteful, using non-intrusive effects that support the story I'm telling rather than getting in the way. Working with Kubota Image Tools, so many incredible choices and creative possibilities are right at my fingertips. The sky truly is the limit. In putting this package together, I was struck by how easy it was to communicate the joy and ease of editing with these tools to realize my vision, understanding they could just as easily help others realize their own."


Scott Bourne, Photofocus
"The before and after approach that Michael takes in this book is great. He explains his original vision for the picture and how he transformed it to the final art piece. It becomes clear through his generosity of spirit, the details he shares, including meta data, and his final results, that Michael wants you to be able to emulate his approach and find your own artist