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Lightroom is an incredibly powerful program. Whether you're new to Lightroom or just need some time-saving tips, this tutorial will help. Kevin Kubota, an award-winning workflow trainer, will walk you through a complete workflow system designed to help photographers use Lightroom efficiently. This five-hour tutorial is broken down into sections that can be streamed online or downloaded, so you can start from the beginning or go directly to the sections you choose.

Included with the tutorial is our Kubota Lightroom Presets Workflow Collection, which comes with about 100 multi-functional presets and templates!

  • Organizing, Storing, and Backing Up Your Files
  • Pre-Import Setup
  • Making Custom Presets
  • Import Setup
  • Selecting Images for Editing
  • Basic Image Adjustments in Lightroom
  • Advanced Image Adjustments in Lightroom
  • Editing Images in Photoshop
  • Exporting from Lightroom
  • Publish Services
  • Printing from Lightroom
  • Other Lightroom Modules
  • Advanced User Tips
  • And much more!


  • Access to online streaming and video downloads of the Lightroom workflow tutorial demonstrated in Adobe Lightroom 5, but applicable for all versions of Lightroom.
  • The Kubota Lightroom Workflow Collection bundle includes 100 presets and templates for develop, print and web modules for Lightroom.

Kubota Lightroom Presets Workflow Collection


  • Adobe Lightroom (Lightroom 2 or higher)
  • Windows
  • Mac OS

Visit the Kubota Preset Support Center for installation instructions.