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Kubota Lightroom Presets Vintage Delish

Kubota Lightroom Presets Vintage Delish


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This set includes 42 image enhancing Lightroom presets. It's our most popular set of presets with tons of beautiful, unique looks for all types of images.

Kubota Lightroom Presets Vintage Delish includes:

  • Color-toned black & whites
  • Faded antique effects
  • Burnt & rusty colors
  • Touches of grain
  • oftening and glowing
  • Deep, bold vignettes
  • Warming tones
  • Funky cross process styling
  • And many other creative surprises!

Kevin Kubota has created dozens of amazing, easy to use presets for all styles of RAW or JPEG images to enhance and add effects with one click. Our Workflow Collection set also includes several presets for exporting your images, creating web galleries, prepping for slideshows and the lab, and lots more, saving you tons of time.



  • Adobe Lightroom 2 or higher


  • Lightroom 2 to 3 file format: .lrtemplate
  • Lightroom 4 to 6 file format: .lrtemplate
  • Lightroom 7 or higher file format: .xmp


Set includes 42 image enhancing Lightroom presets.

0 Auto Everything The Genie

000 Zero it Out

58 Vette
A light vignette with a warm bright-bronzed classic look.

65 Fastback
A peachy, bright antique look with great color pop.

65 Mustang
A bright bronzing and color pop.

66 Beetle
A lemon-lime pop with an aged look and a vignette.

A cool seductive blue-toned black and white.

Bw Ethereal
A warm black and white with a nice dreamy glow.

Bw Old Grainy Film
Nice deep, true blacks and clean crisp whites with a vignette and grain.

Bw Rosie
A smooth red-toned black and white.... like a nice glass of fine wine.

Candy Korn
A bit of desaturation with a twinge of extra rosy sugar.

Chocolate Pudding
Adds a yummy richness to chocolate tones. Nice color pop.

Cotton Candy
Fluffy softness with a hint of burnt antique flavor.

Dangerous Curves Ahead
Great everyday boost to your image. Vivid yet tame.

Dark Vs Light
Best of both worlds. Nice and dark yet bright.

Fuzzy Faded Memory
Nice deep, true blacks and clean crisp whites with a vignette and grain.

Fuzzy Memory
Sharper and richer than the faded version of Fuzzy Memory.

How black-rimmed glasses make the world look — a bit of grain and extra light.

How You Dream
Yellow and blue tones with a vignette. Feels like you are having that flying dream.

Light And Vivid
A great everyday preset for some extra mood.

Mach 1
A fresh classic. Cheerful, peachy, gold tones with a light vignette.

Mellow Yellow
Faded blonde with a certain brightness.

Push It Process
Sharp and intense.

Rolling Stone Wash
Faded gold that has gathered no moss.

Sultry with dusky darkness.

Resembles the look of a dream.

Tin Type Edge
A warm tintype look with a vignette.

Green and blue tones to sink your teeth into.

A cinnamon bright look at the past.

Vintage 1
Rusty tones and a vignette — properly aged.

Vintage 2
A vignette with mahogany-browns and brightness.

Vintage 3
A vignette with rich and warm rust colors. Makes for a perfect vintage feel.

Vintage 4
A vignette with cocoa color and nice brights.

Vintage 5 No Split Tone
A vignette with rich and warm colors. No split toning.

Vintage 78
Auburn-honey tones and a smooth vintage feel.

Burnt color and a vignette add an old and warm feeling.

West Was Won
Wild wild west, with a soft orange glow.

What was in that drink
Wild wild west, with a soft orange glow.

X-Process Carranza
A bright and wild version of X-process.

X-Process Gone Wild
A vignette with a deep and funky rosy-toned X-process.

X-Process Blue
A vignette with a soft and purple-blue version of X-process.

X-Process Bright
Greens and oranges. Nice and bright X-process version.


"Being a photographer, I'd been aware that there were presets out there in the universe, but up until now, I hadn't really added any to my editing workflow. I try not to have to edit, but these presents can really WOW an image!"
Carol Dunnigan, Carol Dunnigan Photography

"The collection includes 42 one-click presets to give your photos a retro look and feel and make your work stand out."
Sue Chastain, About.com

"My second choice for great modern photo effect presets are the Kubota plugins. The Vintage Delish plugin pack is my personal favorite."
Night Lion

"Are you a Lightroom user who pines for the nostalgic photographic styles of years gone by? If so, the retro Lightroom presets from Kubota Image Tools may be just what you are looking for. They give your images a very distinctive, yet popular, vintage look."
Rhonda Callow, Bright Hub

"The Kubota presets were simple to setup and a joy to use."
Jefferson Graham, USA Today

Kubota Releases Vintage Delish Presets for Adobe Lightroom
"I've found Lightroom presets to be invaluable to my workflow whether as user-created or pre-configured downloads."
TW Oliver, FocalView

Software Review: Kubota Lightroom Presets: Vintage Delish From Kubota Image Tools
"In the case of Vintage Delish, they are a set of recipes to attain a specific look to a photo. What is nice is that with presets, you can choose a particular look and then tweak them to your own special taste much in the way of adding or limiting some spices in a recipe."
T. Michael Testi, Blogcritics

"If you are tired of ordinary image effects, then look into these Vintage Delish effects as a way to spice things up."
Betsy Finn, Professional Photographer Magazine

"Kubota Image Tools has released 42 custom Lightroom presets emulating the retro look of film, from days of yore."
Dennis Hays, Photo News Today

"I've been using these "Vintage Delish" on my images from Sunday's Mini Platinum on Coronado, and I'm totally diggin' the subtle vintage effects — some of them have a heavy-handed vintage feel, but some are oh-so-creamy-subtle, and I just LOVE 'EM!"
Carey Schumacher, Barefoot Memories

Vintage Delish Lightroom Presets from Kubota
"Evoking nostalgia from decades spanning as far back as 100 years, these presets will "transport images with fashionable, highly sought-after looks that consumers desire", the company promises."
Zoltan Arva-Toth, Photography Blog



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