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Kubota Artistic Tools V2 Photoshop Actions

Kubota Artistic Tools V2 Photoshop Actions


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The "Modern Chic" pak includes over 50 image enhancing Photoshop actions. Included are effects such as: Digital Fill Flash brush for lightening areas of an image, Smokeless Burn brush for darkening areas, and effects that give you the look of the movie The Lord of the Rings, vignetting, general color pop, soft glows, and some beautiful black & whites and sepia tones.

Many customers tell us there are several in this pak they use on every image they take. This Hot One award-winner has by far been our most popular set of effects, proving itself to be a "must have" for any studio.



  • Adobe Photoshop


  • Windows
  • Mac OS


This pak includes 55 actions for Photoshop ( file format: .atn ).

In addition, there are no duplicate effects throughout our Photoshop Artistic Tools paks. Each pak is its own unique set containing a variety of enhancements not limited to one genre.

As with all Kubota effects, when applied, they maintain full Photoshop layers for user adjustment, flexibility and customization.



Deep Green
Green in the shadows.

Deep Purple
Ahh, classic rock.

Deep Red
Red in the shadows only.

Hot Fudge 1
Yum. Love this. Nearly black and white, but with a richness that can only be compared to hot fudge.

Hot Fudge with a Cherry
Not for the faint at heart, or those on a diet. This is similar to modern antique, but combines warm fudge tones with some enhanced color from the original color image.

Hot Fudgier
When you really need a sugar fix. Warmer, fudgier.

Mocha BW
Very close to a true black and white, but with deep rich shadows. Not noticeably brown, just rich.

Modern Antique 1
Is it black and white, or is it color? It is a soft, lightly colored effect that gives an old, timeless feel to your image.

Modern Antique 1 with Glow
Like Modern Antique 1, but with a romantic glow. Very old world feeling.

Select A Toner
Overall monochromatic toning where you select any color you want on the fly.

Shadow Select A Toner Subtle
Similar to Select A Toner, but applies tone to the shadows primarily.

Shadow Select A Toner Heavier
More colorful version of above.

Sing the Blues
Rich blue toning similar to Hot Fudge 1 — but in the shadows primarily. A very rich look.

Split Tone Warm and Blue
Classic split toning with warmth in the shadows and cool blue in the highlights.

Split Tone Blue and Warm
The opposite of the above — with blue in the shadows and warmth in the highlights.

The closest thing to straight black and white you will find here. For those who want more of a traditional black and white look.

The NEW BW midbright
Same as The NEW BW, but with lightening in the midtones. Helps to brighten skin.

ToneTime Blue 1
Cool blue monochromatic toning.

ToneTime Blue 2
A more saturated blue toning.

ToneTime Green 1
Green with envy?

ToneTime Green 2
The color of money. Hey, what about doing a cool 4-up panel with each of the color tones — sorta Warhol-esque.

ToneTime Red 1
You guessed it, red toning.

ToneTime Red 2
More red.


Daily Multi Vitamin
This is a subtle, but effective action for adding "Life" to everyday color images. Especially for digital images, it adds a localized contrast boost, overall color punch, and deepens blue skies. You may want to use it on all your images.

Hawaiian Punch
Bold, vivid, but no coconuts. This lively action will pop color and add a vivid tropical life to images. Try it on scenic images or environmental portraits.

Lord of the Rings EVERYDAY
The Lord of the Rings series of actions is a popular creation that aims to mimic the deep, romantic feel of the movie. It adds color richness, a soft glowing effect, and contrast. This EVERYDAY version is light enough to use, well, everyday. A subtler version of the originals below.

Lord of the Rings 2
This is the standard version of the Lord of the Rings actions. A classic, if I do say so myself.

LOTR Return of the King
You want deep, rich, and mysterious? This is the king.

LOTR Highlight Controller
Helps to reduce highlight burnout in LOTR actions. Although the soft, glowing highlights are part of the effect of the actions, sometimes the highlights might get too hot for your taste. Use this after running one of the LOTR actions to bring the highlights back down a bit.

Radiant People
Based on our Radiance technique, this adds punch but is tuned to reduce over saturation of skin tones.

Radiance Landscape 1
One of our favorites for landscape or fine art images. Color boosting and vividness, without softening or glows.

Radiance Landscape 2
A stronger version of the above.


Angel Glow
Ahh, the heavenly light glows the highlights only, to create an ethereal feel. Beautiful on brightly lit sunny days with lots of specular highlights.

StarBurst Vignette
This might sound cheesy, but really it is not. Sometimes you want the look of darkened edges via vignette, but don't want a predictable even circle shape. This creates a harder to detect star shape around the subject before darkening the edges. You cannot see the star shape in the final effect, but it is more natural looking than a circular vignette.

Edge Blur Modified
A cool effect with a gradual motion-like blur around the subject. It gently fades from clear at the subject center to blurred at the edges.

Edge Blur More
A stronger version of the above.

Edge Burner
Darkens just the edges evenly around the frame of the picture.


8 Then 16 Then 8
This action will help to minimize or eliminate posterization problems in highly processed images. It is especially useful on JPG images, but also helpful to use on RAW files after they have had actions run on them. The basic concept is that it uses 16 bit mode (much wider color palette) to apply all your adjustments, while keeping the original image and the final image in standard 8 bit mode. Use it as a final step just before sending an image to the lab or your printer. Assign a hot key and use it on everything if you want - it will not hurt, but helps quite often!

Amazing Detail Finder When all else fails, this will help to bring apparent sharpness back to your image. Even helps with out of focus images! While nothing can create detail where there is none, this will create a darn good illusion of sharpness. After running the action, you will need to paint where you want the sharpness to appear. The effect builds up slowly, and can look edgy if taken too far. Paint a few strokes and look at it before painting more. Be sure you have loaded our included custom brushes before running this action.

Amazing Detail Finder 2
A stronger version of the above.

Digital Fill Flash
This is another handy, everyday tool. Use it to lighten key areas of your image without washing out the shadows or blowing highlights. Simply run the action, then paint where you need light. Great for bringing attention to faces, lightening shadows on faces, or add depth to otherwise flatly lit images. You will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Makeup Artist
Works only on skin tones. Creates a smooth, porcelain like skin texture.

Mid Puller
Similar to mid bright, but slightly different. This one has a smoother tone transition from shadow to mids to highlight. It is hard to explain, so just try it!

Open up the midtones of an image without changing shadow or highlight information. Good to reveal mid-shadow detail or soften shadows around a face.

Smarter Sharp with edge mask 1
Smart Sharp was a nice new tool in CS2, but it was missing one important control - threshold. This would allow you to NOT sharpen areas that shouldn't be sharpened - like skin or smooth skies. By itself, Smart Sharpen works on everything - often enhancing the noise and texture in skin while sharpening details. Not good. Smarter Sharp makes a complex selection of the edges of your image first, thus allowing this cool sharpening tool to avoid enhancing noise and skin texture.

Smokeless Burn
The opposite of Digital Fill, Smokeless Burn darkens areas where you paint. Great to add dramatic shadowing to sides of the face, minimizing unimportant details. Burn down edges of the photo to add depth and emphasis to the main subject.

Reduces noise and grain in an image. Smooths things out subtly overall.


4x6 with White Borders
Great for those who print proofs. Creates a 4x6 image at 300 dpi with a white border all around. Keep in mind that a full-frame 35mm proportioned image cannot be framed in a 4x6 with even borders - and no cropping. So, the border is heavier on the short ends. If you want even borders all around, use the EVEN noted actions below.

4x6 with Black Borders
Same, but with a black border.

4x6 with White Borders & Black Keyline
White borders and a thin black keyline around the image area.

4x6 with Black Borders & White Keyline

Black borders and a thin white keyline around the image area.

4x6 with EVEN White Borders
Even borders all around. Note, however, that some cropping of the image on the long side is necessary to create even borders. It will crop automatically.

4x6 with EVEN Black Borders
Same as above with black borders.

4x6 with EVEN White Borders & Black Keyline
Self-explanatory, don't ya think?

4x6 with EVEN Black Borders & White Keyline
You get the idea.


Visit the Kubota Image Tools Support Center for installation instructions, and for tips and tricks on using the actions, presets and profiles.


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