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Kubota Lightroom Presets PrimaPortra


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PrimaPortra was designed specifically for portrait photographers with a beautiful collection of skin flattering tones and skin softening effects. Perfect for wedding portraits, family portraits, senior/graduate photos, children, head shots, and model and actor portfolios. These fresh new looks keep it real, while adding a unique finishing touch to your images. Contains three black & white formulas and 17 color and skin enhancing effects.

Kevin Kubota has created dozens of amazing, easy to use presets for all styles of RAW or JPEG images to enhance and add effects with one click. Our Workflow Collection set also includes several presets for exporting your images, creating web galleries, prepping for slideshows and the lab, and lots more; saving you tons of time.


BW Black Friday
BW Hurrellish
BW Silk
Café Crema
Café Krema Light
Elvin Forest Soft Mist
Fast Car Softer
Feather Duster
Film on a Hot Dashboard
Kubota Dynamic
Light Kreme
Pop Default
Pop Tart
Pure Caffeine
Sierra Sun
Skin So Soft
Softer Kreme
Warming Hut
Wheat field


Mac: Adobe Lightroom 4 (English Version) or higher

PC: Adobe Lightroom 4 (English Version) or higher


Product includes 20 Lightroom presets compatible with both RAW and JPEG files in Lightroom 4 and higher.

This is a download product only. A download link is provided immediately after checkout.


This product is included in the following sets:

Kubota Lightroom Lightspeed Set
This set includes all of our Lightroom presets, along with Kevin Kubota's award-winning Lightroom workflow tutorial!
$231 $199