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Kubota Lightroom Presets Workflow Collection

Kubota Lightroom Presets Workflow Collection

By Kubota Image Tools


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A comprehensive set of about 100 custom presets and templates for develop, print and web modules within Adobe Lightroom. There are image enhancement presets to add color punches, old film effects, sepia tones, shadows, vignettes, and tons more. Just like all of Kevin Kubota's amazing and easy to use presets, they are for all styles of RAW or JPEG images to enhance and add effects with one click. This set also includes several presets for exporting your images, creating web galleries, prepping for slideshows and the lab, and lots more, saving you tons of time.




60's Film
BW baBoom
BW Chocolate
BW Hollywood
BW Infra 1
BW Infra 2
BW Latte
BW Mocha
BW Noise Fix
BW Punchy
BW Red Filter Warm 1
BW Red Filter Warm 2
BW Tasty
BW Warm 1
BW Warm 2
BW Warm 3
BW Warm And Fuzzy
Color My World
Contrast - Medium
Contrast - Heavy
Edge Dark 1
Edge Dark 2
For [B]
Graphic 1
Graphic 2
KK Default Auto Tone WB
KK Default Auto Tone
KK Default Warm Edge 1
KK Default Warm Edge 2
Kubota Default w/Edge 1
Mid Bump 1
Mid Bump 2
Mid Bump 3
Neutral Color Boost 1
Neutral Color Boost 2
Old Film 1
Old Film 2
Old Film 3
Old Film 4
Old Is New Again
Old N Warm
Portra Soft 1
Portra Soft 2
Sepia 1
Sepia 2
Sepia Depia
Shadow Opener 1
Shadow Opener 2
Shadow Opener 3
Skin Bright
Snap 1
Snap 2
Snap Dragon
Sun Days 1
Sun Days 2
Tone-Blue Bayou
Tone-Dark Chocolate
Vignette 1
Vignette 2
Vignette 3
Vignette Maximus
Vignette PostCrop 1
Vignette PostCrop 2
Vitamin K
Vividizer 2
Warm Gel 1
Warm Gel 2
Warm Shadows 1
Warm Shadows 2
Warm Shadows 3


Mac: Adobe Lightroom 2 (English Version) or higher*

PC: Adobe Lightroom 2 (English Version) or higher*

*Please note Lightroom CC does not support Flash based web templates.


Product includes an installer for about 100 Lightroom presets and templates compatible with both RAW and JPEG files in Lightroom 2, 3, 4, 5, and CC*.

*Please note Lightroom CC does not support Flash based web templates.

This is a download product only. A download link is provided immediately after checkout.


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