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Dates: April 20th to May 5th, 2024, (16 days)
Optional add-on: Scuba diving the Galapagos

Pick up and drop off in Quito, Ecuador (UIO)

In the Spring of 2022, we partnered with a Peruvian guide, Washington (Washi) Gibaja, who is a certified guide, community leader, and a native of Ollantaytambo, in Peru. 

Washi has been a professional guide for his entire life, a photographer, and a board member of the non-profit, Path of the Heart providing food, clothing, education, and necessities to indigent children and families in the sacred valley region and surrounding communities. In a beautiful full circle, Washi was helped by the organization as a child and now serves on its leadership team.

Our past Spring adventure with Washi and his team in Peru was so successful and enriching that we are now expanding our adventures to other Latin American destinations where they also guide. 

This trip will explore the Ecuador Amazon and the Galapagos Islands – paradise for Nature and animal lovers!

Our intention is to travel with open minds, learn about the rich and ancient culture of other people, and connect with them as fellow humans. Who knows, maybe we'll find ways to enhance our own Spiritual growth too?

Why you should visit the Ecuador Amazon and Galapagos Islands:

  1. Biodiversity: Both the Amazon rainforest and the Galapagos Islands are known for their incredible biodiversity. The Amazon is home to numerous species of plants, animals, and birds, while the Galapagos Islands showcase unique and endemic wildlife, including giant tortoises, marine iguanas, and blue-footed boobies.
  2. Natural Beauty: The Ecuadorian Amazon is characterized by its lush rainforests, winding rivers, and vibrant flora. The Galapagos Islands boast stunning volcanic landscapes, pristine beaches, and crystal-clear waters.
  3. Adventure and Activities: Both destinations offer a range of thrilling activities. In the Amazon, you can go on jungle hikes, canoe through rivers, spot wildlife, and even interact with local indigenous communities. In the Galapagos, you can snorkel with sea lions, hike on volcanic islands, go kayaking, and take boat tours to explore the diverse marine life.
  4. Conservation and Sustainability: Visiting these destinations supports conservation efforts in Ecuador. The Ecuadorian government and various organizations work hard to protect the fragile ecosystems and wildlife in both the Amazon and the Galapagos Islands. By visiting, you contribute to these conservation initiatives.
  5. Cultural Immersion: In addition to the natural wonders, both the Ecuadorian Amazon and the Galapagos Islands offer opportunities to connect with local communities and learn about their cultures and traditions. You can experience indigenous ceremonies and learn about their way of life in the Amazon, while in the Galapagos, local guides can share insights into the islands' history and conservation efforts.

Overall, visiting the Ecuador Amazon and Galapagos Islands provides a unique and enriching experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in breathtaking nature, engage in adventure activities, support conservation efforts, and gain a deeper understanding of Ecuador's biodiversity and cultures.

Tour highlights:

  • An active adventure with lots of walking/hiking and a good state of health is important. 
  • Professional Peruvian/Ecuadorian guides and your hosts, Kevin & Clare Kubota. We will have a native speaking professional guide 100% of the time.
  • Exploration of the Ecuador Amazon, volcanos, exquisite lakes, and jungle delights.
  • Adventures in the Galapagos Islands, one of the most wildlife-rich places on earth and a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
  • Opportunities to swim, snorkel, and scuba dive in the Galapagos.
  • Visits to non-touristy villages and families where we can learn about the culture first-hand.
  • VOLUNTOURISM and options to donate supplies and gifts if desired.
  • Travel with a like-minded group of curious, caring, and compassionate people!
  • Limited to 16 participants for an intimate and personal experience.


Ecuador Amazon and the Galapagos Islands

Dates: April 20th to May 5th, 2024, (16 days)
Optional add-on: Scuba diving the Galapagos

Pick up and drop off in Quito, Ecuador (UIO)

Lead Guide: Washington Gibaja Tapia. 

4/20/2023 DAY 1

Arrive in Quito Ecuador & City Tour. Your guides will pick you up at the airport and take you to our hotel. After a short rest, we’ll meet for lunch. We’ll then enjoy an expertly guided walking tour of the well-preserved Old Town Quito filled with magnificent churches and colonial-style architecture grand enough to be named a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site. From the Plaza de la Independencia, learn about the monumental buildings that border it including the Presidential Palace. Walk along La Ronda, a pedestrian-only street lined with artisan shops selling handicrafts and delicious local treats. You’ll learn about the production and taste of some of these local delicacies! Stop at El Panecillo, a 200-meter-high hill of volcanic origin, for a breathtaking view overlooking Quito and the surrounding valleys. (L,D)

4/21/2023 DAY 2

LATITUDE ZERO ON VOLCAN PULULAHUA - Our adventure starts heading north out of Quito, 30 kilometers north of the city to the Equatorial City Complex, a collection of monuments and museums built around Latitude Zero. Visit the Intiñan Museum, a fun and picturesque place that shows the equator from a different perspective. Here you will find many ancient solar calendars, clocks, and season indicators. Stand on the “real equatorial line” and experiment with gravity by balancing an egg on the head of a nail and see how the Coriolis effect works in both hemispheres. After lunch, we’ll continue north until we reach Volcan Pululahua, an extinct volcano surrounded by a geobotanical reserve. Pululahua’s crater is directly crossed by Latitude 0°. As we hike into the reserve and toward the crater, we’ll pass through a series of unique ecosystems, including montane cloud forest, myrtle forest, and dry acacia forest. This reserve is also home to many bird species, including hummingbirds, mountain tanagers, eagles, and hawks. After arriving at the crater, we’ll continue on toward Rio Blanco. We’ll cross the river to find an otherworldly landscape called Infiernillo (Little Hell), an arid patch of sulfur deposits within a dry forest. After our hike, we will stop at a rose farm. Ecuador is a big exporter of roses worldwide. From here we’ll drive to the beautiful, historic Hacienda Pinsaqui, where we enjoy a delicious meal and deluxe accommodations to finish the day. (B, L, D)

4/22/2023 DAY 3

CUICOCHA CRATER LAKE - This morning, we’ll drive to Cuicocha, a crater lake collected in a secondary caldera of the extinct Cotacachi Volcano. Cuicocha translates as “Lake of the Guinea Pigs,” named for the shape of its two central islands. The lake and surrounding slopes are protected as a nature reserve. At around 3,000 meters, Cuicocha’s ecosystem is a combination of paramo and Andean forests. We will find many unique plant species in this rare combination of two ecosystems. Our path circumvents the crater rim, revealing stunning views of the lake and the volcanoes Cotacachi, Mojanda, and Imbabura. We keep our eyes open for native wildlife, and if we are lucky, we might even catch a glimpse of the rare Andean Condor. We’ll then take a boat to experience the lake and its rich history with our boat captain After an amazing lunch we stop to visit Cotacachi’s leather market and Otavalo’s famous indigenous handicraft market. In the late afternoon, we head back to Hacienda Pinsaqui for another gourmet dinner and a relaxing evening. (B, L, D)

4/23/2023 DAY 4

CONTINENTAL DIVIDE TO PAPALLACTA - Today we drive east through the inter-Andean valley, gaining elevation as we climb into the heights of Ecuador’s eastern Andes. At 4,100 meters, we’ll reach the continental divide, a high pass that separates the Pacific and Atlantic watersheds. We’ll take photos and hike the Cayambe-Coca nature reserve, home to some of the best highland paramo scenery in the country. This humid area is part of the largest hydrological system in the world and features one of the highest concentrations of lakes in the Andean range. We will stop at a local Ecuadorian family’s organic farm for lunch. The high altitude and humidity of the paramo create a very unique ecosystem with a host of endemic species. We’ll then hike towards the Amazon lowlands on the other side of the eastern Andes. We’ll seek out three native deer species and the elusive spectacled bear, and of course, we continue our search for the Andean Condor! Our hike ends in Termas de Papallacta Spa & Resort, where we’ll spend the evening relaxing in the mineral-rich, curative waters of the natural hot springs. The highly recommended spa treatments are booked separately. (B, L, D)

4/24/2024 DAY 5

PAPALLACTA NATURAL HOTSPRINGS RELAX Today you can sleep in and have a full day of relaxation and spend time in the most beautiful spas, get a massage, etc. If you have the energy our guides will be available to take you for a hike in the eyebrow of the jungle and the Ecuadorian Andean Mountains. We can also walk to see local families and try their organically grown food in the little village nearby. (B, L, D)

4/25/2023 DAY 6

MACAW JUNGLE TRAIL - After breakfast at Termas de Papallacta, we’ll drive along a scenic road that descends further into the Amazon basin until we reach Sumaco National Park, a montane cloud forest, where many species from the jungle and the highlands coexist, in addition to some endemic mammals, birds, and insects. We will see cock of the rocks, toucans, macaws, monkeys, and more. As we descend along a remote trail through dense vegetation, we can observe the gradual change from cloud forest to rainforest. We’ll continue to descend until we reach a good spot for a picnic lunch. In the afternoon, we’ll continue by vehicle to Archidona to visit an indigenous community, where we learn about the Kichwa culture and jungle life. After dinner, we’ll get our flashlights for a jungle night walk in the nature reserve next to our lodge. (B, L, D)

4/26/2023 DAY 7

SERVICE PROJECT, CAVERNS, AND PETROGLYPHS - After a relaxing morning we’ll meet our local guide to head out to visit the school of Atahuallpa where we’ll meet the native children and deliver school supplies and chickens. This is a local indigenous village that is one of the few in the area that welcomes visitors. Later we will visit Jumandi caverns and petroglyphs. (B, L, D)

4/27/2023 DAY 8

RAINFOREST WALK, EXPLORE THE PASTAZA GORGE - This is our most relaxed hike, with plenty of time to enjoy the jungle wildlife at an easy pace and recover at a lower altitude. The forest displays a great variety of trees like balsa, cedar, rubber, and cinnamon. As we hike, our guide identifies countless species of orchids, vines, ferns, insects, and reptiles, teaching us the traditional ways indigenous tribes use many of these plants. After lunch, we’ll drive south and start climbing back into the Andes through the Pastaza River Gorge. This scenic route, with rocky cliffs in a deep cloud forest canyon, is known for its many waterfalls. We’ll stop to admire some of the largest, including Pailon del Diablo (Devil’s Cauldron) and Manto de la Novia (Bride’s Veil). We pass through Baños, an attractive subtropical town set on the slopes of the very active Tungurahua Volcano, and enjoy some fantastic views of Tungurahua before arriving at Andean Baños town, where we will spend the night. (B, L, D)

4/28/2023 DAY 9

MYSTERIES OF THE LLANGANATES - The Llanganates mountain range has a long history of mystical events and legends. To this day, it is one of the few places in the world that remains largely unexplored and uncharted. Locals relive stories of failing compasses and disappearances, and the most famous legend tells how Inca general Rumiñahui hid a vast fortune of gold in one of the range’s lakes. The Llanganates is a protected national park, it covers four provinces and the altitude in the park varies between 4,500 and 1,200 meters. Our hike starts around 3,500 meters and takes us through cloud forest, Andean forest, and paramo ecosystems. This picturesque and remote trail gives us the chance to enjoy great views of the surrounding volcanoes and spot an abundance of hummingbirds, mountain tanagers, and deer. We continue our hike to Laguna San Borja looking for the elusive spectacled bear. In the afternoon we continue the journey through the avenue of the Volcanoes to the Cotopaxi area for dinner at our hotel. (B, L, D)

4/29/2023 DAY 10

COTOPAXI NATIONAL PARK - Cotopaxi Volcano, with its symmetrical, glaciated cone and imposing presence, is one of Ecuador’s most enduring images. The wild paramo that surrounds this 5,897 meter giant is designated as Cotopaxi National Park and is a spectacular place to hike while searching for highland wildlife and admiring incredible volcanic scenery. We begin our adventure on the slopes of Volcan Rumiñahui, where we get stunning views of Cotopaxi rising over 2,000 meters above the high plain. We descend the slopes of Rumiñahui Volcano, all the way to Limpiopungo Glacier Lake, home to scores of aquatic birds. It is common to see gulls, ducks, teals, lapwings, shore birds, and even the occasional high-altitude flamingo on the banks of Limpiopungo. After stopping for lunch at a local hacienda, we return to Quito to rest and celebrate an epic adventure! (B, L, D)

4/30/2023 DAY 11

FLY TO GALAPAGOS - After a morning flight from the mainland to San Cristobal Island, we’ll have lunch at our hotel. Our Galapagos adventure starts with a visit to the local Interpretation Center where we learn about the unique wildlife, geology, natural history, and social dynamics of the Galapagos.

Now that we know a little more about the islands we’ll make our way to our first stop, Frigate Hill, where we might spot many of the unique avian species of the Galapagos. As we hike over natural lava rock trails our guides will tell us all about the Galapagos cotton, palo santo, acacia, and cacti surrounding us, as well as blue-footed boobies, frigate birds, pelicans, herons, gulls, warblers, mockingbirds, and finches that we spot in the vegetation and sea cliffs. In addition to the diverse wildlife, this walking tour provides marvelous views of the rugged coastline and the town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno below us.

During the return trip, we stop at beautiful Carola Beach for a dip, where we’ll snorkel and swim with sea turtles and sea lions while enjoying a lovely sunset on the beach. We return to the hotel for a gourmet seafood dinner after which you can set out to explore the friendly, laid-back town and visit the colony of endemic Galapagos sea lions next door. (B, L, D)

5/1/2023 DAY 12


Today we explore the northern coast. We’ll visit Leon Dormido (Kicker Rock), Punta Pitt, or Cerro Brujo. On our exploration trip, we’ll search the nearby coves and cliffs for sea turtles, sea lions, frigate birds, blue-footed boobies, and Nazca boobies. Here we have the chance to get up close and personal with sea lions in their favorite playground. As we snorkel, we might see eagle rays, golden rays, Galapagos sharks, starfish, clams, and thousands of tropical fish. If we’re lucky, we may even come across hammerhead sharks. As the sun sets on our day under the waves, we return to the hotel for a relaxing evening. (B, L, D)

5/2/2023 DAY 13

DISCOVER SANTA CRISTOBAL’S BEST BEACHES - Our journey continues to the best beaches like Playa Man, la Loberia, and Punta Carola for snorkeling. After lunch, walks are available to see the endemic Galapagos penguin and reef sharks, sea turtles, and sea lions.

We finish the evening with a delicious dinner and an optional stroll down the expansive beachfront. (B, L, D)

5/3/2023 DAY 14

EXPLORE THE SANTA CRUZ HIGHLANDS - An invigorating speedboat ride takes us to our next destination: Santa Cruz Island. Along the way, we’ll watch for whales and dolphins in the ocean around us. After checking in we head to El Chato nature reserve in the Santa Cruz highlands, home to the Galapagos giant tortoise. It is an honor to hike among these fascinating, gentle giants, who on average live to be over 175 years old. El Chato is also home to many pintail ducks, finches, frigate birds, egrets, and the beautiful vermillion flycatcher.

Our hike continues through some incredible lava tunnels created by flowing magma. Legend has it that the buccaneers who once frequented the Galapagos used these deep caves to hide Inca gold plundered from Spanish ships! After some pirate stories from our guides, we head up to Los Gemelos, a pair of deep volcanic sinkholes at the high point of Santa Cruz. The path takes us through a forest of endemic Scalesia trees covered in ferns and epiphytes where we’ll keep a lookout for the resident short-eared owl.

If there is enough time we may visit the Charles Darwin Research Station where local scientists rear endemic plants and animals for educational, scientific, and conservation purposes. We’ll learn about the ongoing conservation efforts to protect the future of the Galapagos.(B, L, D)

5/4/2024 DAY 15 Free Day or Boat Trip Today you can choose to relax or join our guides to take a local boat to La Lobería, where you can swim with the sea lions that call this area home. Then we will head to Punta Estrada to watch blue-footed boobies and pelicans, iguanas, and the volcanic landscapes. (B, L, D)

5/5/2023 DAY 16

FLY TO QUITO - It’s time to bid a fond farewell as we transfer to Baltra Island for our return flight to the mainland to connect to the Quito International Airport for your departure home, marking the end of our tour. If your schedule permits, trip extensions to other regions or extra days in Quito can also be arranged. (B)

Key: (B)reakfast (L)unch (D)inner

*Please note that exact pick up times and tour start times will be reconfirmed daily with your local guides.

HOTELS: All of them have Wi-Fi in the rooms. - Day 1 - Days 2, 3 - Days 4, 5 - Days 6, 7 - Days 8 , 9 - Day 10 - Days 11, 12, 13 - Days 14, 15





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    The beauty of this adventure is that it wasn’t about the adventure, but the connection. We experienced connection to so many of the aspects that define Perú such as: Inca culture and history, Peruvian cuisine, present time Peru through the cities, traditional Peru through smaller towns, nature, microclimates and so much more.

    What made this experience so exceptional was the connection we formed with each other by exploring our inner spirituality with our guides who were more than tour guides, but spiritual shamans as well.  I enjoyed both the external exploration of the travel throughout Peru, and the inner exploration as we pushed ourselves past our comfort zones to try new things.  Our guides were very wonderful, knowledgeable and fun.

    -Benita C., Peru 2022 Adventure

    This was, indeed, a trip of a lifetime. Everything we experienced was carefully, professionally and compassionately mapped out.  Even the extra last-minute side trips (roof tile-making, bakery, pork soup restaurant) side trips were joyfully interspersed with the itinerary.  Clare and Kevin are perfect hosts - caring, accommodating, respectful, happy, patient, etc., etc., etc!  Our guides, Washi and his brother, Rogelio (Rocker),  were outstanding!  Even Washi's wife, Pammela joined us from time to time to support our travels.  So much knowledge to share, and as with Clare and Kevin, our guides were caring, accommodating, respectful, happy, patient, etc., etc., etc!  As an example, Washi's skill, knowledge and kindness were evident in his ability to give a few of us the confidence we needed to safely walk to the top of Rainbow Mountain in spite of the thin air.  Washi had us hold hands as if in a chain.   We walked 20 steps, rested and continued in this manner to the top of the mountain - altitude 16,313!  What a sense of accomplishment!  As promised we were introduced to fabulous foods above and beyond expectations (well, maybe not the cuya😳).  The spiritual aspect of this journey was life-changing. Our time with our Shamans, the local people and the entire experience stirred my soul. I will be forever changed (in a good way).  Difficult to put into words.  You just have to experience the magic of this adventure for yourself to get the full beautiful impact.  Would I travel again with Kevin, Clare, Washi, Rocker, and Pammela again??? Yes - to the ends of the earth!!!

    -Lorraine S., Peru 2022 Adventure


    Kevin and Clare Kubota

    Kevin & Clare Kubota

    Aloha! We have been leading workshops and tours around the world since 2001 when I, Kevin, was asked to teach my first International photography workshop in Italy. Ever since then, the love of sharing our travel experiences with others has been an inspirational piece of why we do what we do. I've been a professional photographer for over 30 years and have taught photography workshops since 1998. Clare is our "Queen Bee", who joyfully and eloquently manages our team, co-leads our tours, and inspires me, and many others, with her zest for life and love for rich connection with people.

    We have led travel experiences in Rwanda, South Africa, Kenya, Thailand, Brasil, Italy, Hawaii, and Bolivia. We have also traveled and taught photography courses in many more places nationally and internationally.

    We know one thing to be true: traveling with an open mind and open heart leads to amazing experiences and profound personal growth. We call this the "Traveller's Mindset" – where you allow yourself to be open to meeting new people, trying new things, and seeing life from a different perspective. You do more than allow, however, you take the first steps. You take the initiative to say "hello", ask to try, and listen more than you talk.

    Inevitably, when you bring your Traveller's Mindset home to your own community, you find treasures in your backyard.

    We were VERY excited to have made a connection and friend in Washi, our Peruvian guide. His kind and gentle heart, compassionate spirit, and love of sharing his culture made an immediate impression on us. We are truly excited to share this adventure with him.

    Washington (Washi) Gibaja (our Peruvian guide)

    I was born in Ollantaytambo, (10-06-82) on the Axis between Machu Picchu and Cusco. Ever since my childhood, I have dedicated myself as a guide to the sacred archeological site where I was born. Today I am also a professional guide (Tour Leader), photographer, partner for Buen Power Peru SAC for bringing Solar lights to remote communities, student for the law, etc.

    Thanks to this work, I have had the opportunity to travel to many parts of the world to do spiritual treatments, expositions, and conferences – taking the message of the heart towards the mind, and all about Peru and the ancient sites also the prophecy, union of the Condor and the Eagle. As well as to meet people and sacred places with magical energy. Like Desmond Tutu, Mark Victor Hansen (writer of the book chicken soup for the soul), the king of Indonesia, etc.

    I drew inspiration for many book that I am author of from my first book “Wisdom and Kindness of the Pachamama”, Second book, the Magic of Machi Picchu, The Origin of the Incas and Their Medicine and JOURNEY THROUGH THE INCA CITY OF MACHU PICCHU, Spiritual, Political and Financial Freedom, with the intention to share and extend a little of the knowledge and wisdom of my ancestors, towards you. In addition, with the sale of this book, 15% of all proceeds will go to create efficient projects in the future to help the less lucky families in the Andes.

    Also In Partnership With,,, Buen Power Perú, USAID, Multiple Organizations, and Private Donors I have been part of:

    - Installing in 11,000 homes with solar panels or photovoltaic modules so that 55,000 people have Access to Light.

    - 20 years in a row with 900,000 meals served to date, for the less fortunate children and families of the Andes.

    - 104,000 Hot Chocolates, Cake and gifts to Boys and Girls at Christmas in the Sacred Valley.

    - 3000 units of equipment (Coats, Shoes - Boots, Pants, Caps, Gloves, Stockings, etc.) for Vulnerable Boys and Girls and protect them from the cruel cold, etc.

    - 5,000 food package delivered on this Covid19 world emergency to the needy families.

    Today I live in Ollantaytambo, married to a wonderful woman name Pammela and have Two beautiful daughters named Victoria Alejandra and Helene Rose, the source of my daily inspiration. I have plans to continue writing, Guiding, and proving service while I can still here on this great planet.