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Kubota Artistic Tools V1 Photoshop Actions

Kubota Artistic Tools V1 Photoshop Actions


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The "Classic Film-Effects" pak includes 56 actions for Photoshop, many of which mimic the effects you would get from shooting with different types of film – cross processed actions, amazing black & white actions, film grain actions, velvia-like color saturation actions – just to name a few.

Customer favorites in this pak are all the black & white actions that suit absolutely all types of photography.



  • Adobe Photoshop


  • Windows
  • Mac OS


This pak includes 56 actions for Photoshop ( file format: .atn ).

There are no duplicate effects throughout our Photoshop Artistic Tools paks. Each pak is its own unique set containing a variety of enhancements not limited to one genre.

As with all Kubota effects, when applied, they maintain full Photoshop layers for user adjustment, flexibility and customization.



BW GM Warm 1 and Snappy
One of our favorite black and white conversions. Allows for tunability of the tonal qualities and imparts a slight warmth and punch.

BW GM Warm 2 and Snappy
A variation on the above.

BW KPZ Grainy Film
A high speed film effect with grain added.

BW KPZ 2 GMap Grainy Film
Another high speed film effect using Gradient Mapping and grain added.

BW via LAB
Black and white conversion using the LAB color mode.

BW via LAB with Color
As above, but with the original color layer added back for use in hand
coloring effects.

BW Punchy Bump Grain ChaMix
A snappy black and white conversion with some grain.

BW Channel Mixer 70 20 10 & BW Channel Mixer 45 32 32
Two conversion using favorite formulas.

BW Film Filter Adjustment 2
Allows for pre-filtering the image to control the way certain color values are converted to black and white, similar to putting a colored filter over the lens and shooting black and white film - but much more powerful.

BW 100 Red
Using the classic channel mixer formula. Light ethereal skin tones.

BW 100 Red Punchy
As above, but with more contrast.

BW TastyGlow 2
Black and white with a glowing effect.

BW Glow Punchy
Similar to above but with more punch.

BW InfraKev 1
Not exactly infrared, but a similarly enhanced black and white conversion.

BW Edgy
A fashion black and white look. More contrast, punch, and drama.

BW KK Secret Formula
Rich and dramatic, not for the conservative! Works nice where faces are well lit. Otherwise creates a feel of very dramatic lighting.

BW Warming Filter
Use this after a normal black and white conversion to add depth and slight warmth. Not enough color to be sepia, just a warmer, tastier black and white.

BW Enriching Formula
Another formula to richen a black and white conversion.

Chocolate Syrup 1
Mmmmm, like a hot Mocha in the morning.

Chocolate Syrup 2
More, more, more!

Sepia Deep Black 1
A sepia conversion that goes beyond the typical. Maintains true black in the deepest shadows and clean whites in the highlights. Avoids the muddy look of most sepia conversions. Rich and yummy.

Sepia Deep Black 2
A tonal variation on the above.

Skin Cream 1
Run this BEFORE a black and white action to brighten and smooth skin color in the resultant black and white. Works best on redder or ruddy skin tones. Works nicely on children or babies with red, spotty cheeks. Use on color images does not produce desirable effects.

Skin Cream 2
A variation on above.

Sub-Grain - Contrasty / Grain 1 - Slight / Grain 2 - More / Grain 3 - Heavier / Grain 4 - "Z" Films
The above are nice "film-like" grain effects in varying styles and amounts. We've used proprietary techniques to avoid the "digital noise" look. They give a more organic feel to images and often increase apparent sharpness and contrast slightly. Use one after a black and white action for best effect.

Sepia Deep Black 3
Another variation.


KPD Hollywood Intensity
Nice color, deep and romantic, similar to Hollywood film technique of using black net over lens - but more color enhanced.

Fuji Snappit
Contrasty, enhanced color similar to Fuji's Velvia.

Sunglow 2
A bright, sunny, glowing effect. Try it on outdoor natural light images with bright highlights.

Sunglow 2 More
A softer version of above.

X-Process I
X-Process 2
Kev X-Process Combo
Three variations on a classic fashion look: cross-processed film.


Kubota Light GlowSoft
Kubota Light GlowSoft Vibrant
Kubota Light GlowSoft Highlights
Kubota Darker GlowSoft
The above give beautiful romantic effects. Try the variations to see what you like best for each image.

Vibrant Glow
Vibrant, radiant color and a subtle glow.

One of our most used actions. Simple but highly effective. Program an F key for this one!


81K Warming
82K Warming
Simple but useful warming gel filters. Add a little mood to a cool image.

Backlight Compensation 1x
Raises the shadow values without affecting the highlights as much. Try it on backlit photos with slightly under-exposed foregrounds.

Backlight Compensation 2x
Stronger version of above.

Eyes and Teeth Enhance
Creates layers pre-set for retouching the eyes and teeth. Use for lightening eye whites & teeth and for removing red/yellow from eyes and teeth. Also use for an "eye-liner" effect to enhance lashes and eyebrows. Instructions will display when run.

KPD Midbright
A very useful midtone brightener. Works surprisingly well on many images.

Too Blue Tungsten Daylight 1
Too Blue Tungsten Daylight 2
Too Warm Daylight Tungsten 1
Too Warm Daylight Tungsten 2
Improves images shot with the wrong white balance settings. Note, however, that each camera and each scene, and different settings will give different variations in the white balance error, so the action may need some tweaking for your particular images. It should get you in the ballpark though.

Lower contrast and color saturation for portraits.



"If you are looking for a solid action pack that you will use over and over, Artistic Tools V1 is the action pack for you! B&W actions, Skin Softening, Sepia, Eye & Teeth Whitener, Sepia and a vignette are just a few of the actions in this must have pack that is perfect for all styles of photography! "
Eise Ellis, Eise Ellis Photography

"Over the years, I have experimented with many different types of Photoshop Actions, from many different vendors. And recently, I am finally settling into my sets of go-to actions that I LOVE! And these Photoshop Actions include Kevin Kubota's Image Tools. "
Rayan Anastor, Rayan Anastor Photography

 Sunshine & bright smiles | Minneapolis Family Photography
"Because of my editing style, I use actions from the Kevin Kubota Artistic Tools V1 often. It speeds up my workflow and is subtle and consistent with my style...I can't recommend Kubota Actions enough. If you're in the market for some new tools to help you out in Photoshop, these should be a strong consideration!"
Angeli Hagen, Lissarrague Images


Visit the Kubota Image Tools Support Center for installation instructions, and for tips and tricks on using the actions, presets and profiles.


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