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Kubota Artist Style Tutorial & eBook with Tamara Lackey - Kubota Image Tools

Kubota Artist Style Tutorial & eBook with Tamara Lackey


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Here at Kubota Image Tools, we love seeing how much other photographers use our actions to personalize their photography. When we saw how award-winning children's portrait artist Tamara Lackey was using our actions, we simply had to find out some of her secrets! Fortunately for us, Tamara was more than happy to share her tips and tricks with the whole Kubota family.

Not only were we able to get images, descriptions, meta data, and action formulas from her, but we even flew her out to visit us here at the Kubota workshop and interviewed her on how she uses our software. We also secretly – OK, OK, she knew – videotaped her formulas step-by-step for your learning pleasure!

This video tutorial and book will guide you one step at a time through Tamara's formulas showing you how she takes her images from great to simply amazing by using Kubota actions. If you currently own Kubota actions, and you're looking for new creative ideas in your post-processing, then Tamara's Artist Style Tutorial is a must-have!

BONUS: Also included is 18 actions that Tamara has created by modifying Kubota actions to create her unique custom look.


KK - Tamara BW Fadeup
Just like in the movies fade to black and white...

KK - Tamara Decaf Tea
A toned down version of Kubota Tea Stained.

KK - Tamara Double Midbright
Kubota KPD Midbright midtone brightener with a little less bright.

KK - Tamara Dragon Princessa
A softer version of Kubota's Dragon Princess. Can dragon's be soft?

KK - Tamara Fashion Passionista
A cross-processed look, but with a lighter touch.

KK - Tamara Half Look
Kubota's The Look with Smooth combined for wonderfulness.

KK - Tamara Hint of Warmth
Just a hint of warming.

KK - Tamara Kinda Blue & Kinda Warm
A wash of blue with a little warmth.

KK - Tamara Krypto Contact Lenses
Throwing on a pair of Kubota's Krytpo Glasses with the added benefit of some sharpening.

KK - Tamara Luminista
A little bit of luminizing to light up your life.

KK - Tamara Mellow Old World Dragon
Taming of the Kubota Old World Dragon, you can tame a dragon right?

KK - Tamara Melted Ice Cream
Soft and dreamy without the sticky mess.

KK - Tamara Mid Puller Pullback
Pulling back the Kubota Mid Puller which is a smooth tone transition from shadows to mids to highlights.

KK - Tamara Near the Edge
Like Kubota TheEdge with a little sharpness without going over the edge.

KK - Tamara Not Quite Hollywood
A soft glow Hollywood style.

KK - Tamara Pretty Prehistoric
An edgy and bold look with the added benefit of looking pretty.

KK - Tamara Repentant Sweeny Todd
The look of Sweeny Todd almost black and white.

KK - Tamara Velveteeny
A super soft velvet like finish over your image.



"We are very excited to feature Tamara Lackey as our first featured artist. Her fresh and friendly family photography is beautiful and inspiring. Tamara loves to teach and share, so her Artist Style DVD is a perfect way for other photographers to learn what she does behind the scenes to create her fantastic images." – Kevin Kubota

"I approach post-processing as a means to finishing an image that I often see as only partially-created at capture. Having the Kubota Image Tools at my fingertips, I can create whatever look works best and tweak as desired. I am most excited about partnering with Kevin and the Kubota Image Tools team, though, because they are not only pioneers in post-processing automation, they are also leaders in industry innovation." – Tamara Lackey


Internet to stream the tutorial video and download the PDF.

Kubota actions are required to run the formulas and are sold separately.


This product includes 3.5+ hours of online video streaming on how Tamara uses Kubota actions to create 25 unique looks, along with a eBook and 18 custom Kubota actions created by Tamara.

To emulate all of the looks in Tamaras tutorial and eBook, Kubota actions must be purchased separately.