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Kubota Artistic Tools Viva La Vintage Photoshop Actions

Kubota Artistic Tools Viva La Vintage Photoshop Actions


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The "Flashback" pak includes 25 vintage actions for Photoshop. There's a whole lot of effects inspired by the 60s and 70s in this pak that add a warm feel, creamy cross-processed looks, and high-contrast finishes. Lots of fun looks for fashion, baby, and wedding photography.

If you love vintage looks and are a Lightroom user, be sure to check out our Vintage Delish presets as well.



  • Adobe Photoshop


  • Windows
  • Mac OS


This pak includes 25 actions for Photoshop ( file format: .atn ).

In addition, there are no duplicate effects throughout our Photoshop Artistic Tools paks. Each pak is its own unique set containing a variety of enhancements not limited to one genre.

As with all Kubota effects, when applied, they maintain full Photoshop layers for user adjustment, flexibility and customization.



Bleach for Mike C
Enriches the darkness, bleaches the whites, and adds depth that makes the image jump off the page.

Bleachy Peachy
Deep darkness, bleached whites with a touch of peach and a bump of sharp.

Bleachy Peachy Warm
Deep darkness, bleached whites with a touch of peach and a bit of creamy smooth.

Chai Stained
Old and rich, with a hint of spice.

Créme Brulée
Creamy and sweet, with a hint of brown sugar.

Golden Delish
Bright, light, and vivid with a golden hue.

Hot Flashes
Your image is on fire!

If 60's Were 90's
If 60's were 90's you would not have this action, which would really bum you out.

Muted and warm, with a hint of chocolate.

Old n Warm
Old and warm, with rusty shadows.

Red Rover
Rich, deep colors with a reddish mahogany hue.

Muted and cool, great for everyday use.

A bright-light version of a cross-process look.

Our new favorite version of a cross-process look.

Time Machine
Vivid, retro, and cool. Sure to be a favorite.

Like a sunset in autumn.

Muted and warm. Try playing this one with Nostalgia for an extra vintage feel.

A version of a cross-process look with creamy softness.

Warm Wishes
Rich, deep colors with a golden hue


Edge It
Adds a splatter edge to your image. Makes for a very unique vignette.

Edge It Smaller Darker
Adds a dark splatter edge to your image.

Image Grunge
Adds a bit of a unique texture to your image that changes each time it's applied.

Image Grunge Darker
Adds a unique texture to your image. Play this one a second time to build the effect.

Image Grunge Darker 2
Adds a dark, unique texture to your image that changes each time it's applied.

Lens Flare
Dare to add some flare!


Katelyn Thomas Photography
"Having the option to paint on the photo using Kubota Tools is really nice, as you don't need to mask, invert the mask and then paint the effect back in. I created a duplicate layer as soon as I pulled the image into Photoshop and then just painted directly onto the duplicate layer to create the perfect look."
Katelyn Thomas, Katelyn Thomas Photography


Visit the Kubota Image Tools Support Center for installation instructions, and for tips and tricks on using the actions, presets and profiles.


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