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Love shooting with your Lensbaby? Introducing this special set of 15 Kubota actions for Photoshop designed to complement the soft-focus effects captured by various Lensbaby optics. Don't own a Lensbaby? That's OK! These effects will still give beautiful enhancements to your images – although it might be time to treat yourself to a Lensbaby and see what all the fun is about! ; )


The Artistic Tools Lensbaby pak includes 15 actions for Photoshop. As with all Kubota effects, when applied, they maintain full Photoshop layers for user adjustment, flexibility and customization.

View Actions in Detail for a description and before/after images of included actions. Each pak is its own unique set containing a variety of enhancements not limited to one genre.

ACTIONS (File Type: ATN)
• Bollywood Intensity
• BW Lensbaby Oh Baby
• Dads Old Camera
• Double Glass Lens - Krispy K
• Faded Memories
• Fisheye Lens - Spectacle
• Kubota Lensbaby Vintage Film
• Love Child
• Original Lens - Equalizer 1
• Pinhole ZP - Zippy
• Plastic Lens - Fantastic
• Single Glass - Vitamize
• Soft Focus Lens - Snap Up
• The Kicker
• Wake Up Call


  • Adobe Photoshop (CS5 or higher)
  • Windows
  • Mac OS

Visit the Kubota Actions Support Center for installation instructions, and for tips and tricks on using the actions.