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Kubota Lightroom Presets Fusion Pack

Kubota Lightroom Presets Fusion Pack


- +


40 presets designed for fusion shooters who want to speed up their workflow and give their video clips an exciting look. Take advantage of Lightroom's ability to apply these amazing color grades to your clips. They also work on still images!


  • Cool and warm BW's
  • Washed out and punchy BW's
  • Cinematic looks
  • Presets to help you quickly adjust exposure and contrast for your video files (something that's not very fast to do without the use of time saving presets!)



  • Adobe Lightroom 4 or higher


  • Lightroom 4 to 6 file format: .lrtemplate
  • Lightroom 7 or higher file format: .xmp


Set includes 40 image enhancing Lightroom presets.

• -.5 Stop
• -1 Stop
• +.5 Stop
• +1 Stop
• +2 Stop
• +3 Stop
• Ben's Bleach Party
• Ben's Blues
• Ben's BW Crunch
• Ben's BW rockstar
• Ben's BW Warm
• Ben's Cinema 1
• Ben's Cinema 1 Outdoor Cloudy
• Ben's Cinema 3 Incandescent
• Ben's Day 2 Night Exp

Ben's Day 2 Night Exp-Cool
Ben's Dirty Wash
Ben's Film 1
Ben's Film Warm
Ben's Flim Rockstar
Ben's Mid Bump
Ben's Old Film
Ben's Poloroid
Ben's Skin Boost
Ben's Skin Boost Warm
Ben's Snappy
Ben's Split Tone Warm High Cool Low
• Olive
• Orange Juice
• Parita

• Plastered
• Ben's Sunset Exp-4 Stops
• Ben's Sun Wash
• Ben's Super Contrast
• Ben's Wash Me Out
• Ben's X Process Crunch
• Ben's X Process Fade
• Contrast +
• Contrast Muted
• Contrast Muted Cool
• Contrast Muted Cool +
• Contrast Muted Warm
• Contrast Muted Warm +
• Highlight Killer



Visit our Kubota Image Tools Support Center for installation instructions, and for tips and tricks on using Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets and profiles.