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Workshops With Purpose

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What is WWP?
Workshops With Purpose was created by photographers Kevin Kubota, Benjamin Edwards, and Marianne & Andrew Nicodem to help photographers & filmmakers learn to use their skills to tell humanitarian stories for the betterment of our world. Image makers are guided through the process during international travel experiences where they learn logistics & photographic skills while simultaneously using them to provide valuable imaging resources to local service organizations. WWP is part photographic workshop, part group service project, and all life-changing. 

Workshops are very limited in size due to the intimate nature of our projects. To apply for inclusion, please fill out the form on our WWP FB page.  

Our next workshop will be in Thailand, in November, 2017. We will be assisting local organizations who work to prevent human trafficking. 

Benjamin Edwards' original video that moved Kevin Kubota to action...

The following is a video with highlights from our recent trip to Bolivia. What an amazing experience!



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